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Evergreen Homes for Sale

Nestled amid the green lush forests and against the snow-capped mountain ranges of Denver, Colorado, the Evergreen community truly lives up to its name. The place is a perfect home for those who want to live close to nature’s serenity and far from the hustle and bustle of the city.


In 1878, John Clarke moved to a then unpopulated area and made settlement there, building homesteads and raising cattle. However, newspaperman Lucius “Lee” Humphrey bought the 350-acre ranch in 1920 and named it Kinnikinnik Ranch.

As time passed by, the name Kinnikinnik Ranch evolved to Evergreen because of the countless number of evergreen trees growing in the community.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

If you are worried that this community may be hard to access, don’t be! Two major roads run across Evergreen that can take you to the downtown area and to nearby national parks.

Mount Goliath Natural Area

This national park is a preserved natural area that consists of 0.3 mile loop hiking trail, vast forestry, and different terrain forms.

Wulf Recreation Center

The Wulf Recreation Center is located at the heart of Evergreen and boasts of recreational facilities like lap pools, tennis and volleyball courts, a skate park, dance studio, and a full gym.

Shadow Mountain Gallery

A business owned by Evergreen’s local artists, Shadow Mountain Gallery functions both as an art gallery and as a shop where art pieces are exhibited and sold.

Evergreen Homes

Marvel at spacious rooms graced with fireplaces, kitchens with polished wooden cabinets, and luxurious styled bathrooms. Or simply enjoy the earth-toned walls and cozy interior designs as you take in the breath-taking sight of Denver mountain range. Never worry if your home might not have a scenic view – Denver homes for sale in Evergreen, Colorado all have good views of its picturesque landscapes.

At Evergreen, available properties vary in size, style, and scenic view. Some houses are quaint and simple. Some are just around 1,000 square feet, while some are as huge as 20,000 square feet. Prices range from $150,000 to $12,000,000.

  • Log houses
  • Country houses
  • Post-modern houses
  • Swiss chalets
  • French chateaus

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