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Huntington Trails & Lexington Homes for Sale

Huntington Trails and Lexington Luxury Real Estate

Huntington Trails and Lexington are two exclusive living communities situated right next to each other in the northwest Denver suburb of Westminster, Colorado. These neighborhoods are located right next to West 144th Avenue and Huron Street. They are known for being adjacent to each other, being almost interconnected and split only by major thoroughfares.


Both Huntington Trails and Lexington were developed as key residential communities in Westminster during the mid-1990s, with the aim of developing key open land right next to the major intersection of 144th and Huron. Lexington was conceived and developed prior to the construction of Huntington Trails’ first properties, with most of its open lots and older developments originally planned to be expanded to where the later would eventually be. Both neighborhoods continue to develop, with more lots being prepared for home construction.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Both communities are situated right next to major thoroughfares and expressways, granting residents easy access to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, business districts, and the rest of the northwest Denver area. They are also within close proximity of major nature preserves.

  • Flatirons Mountains

Both neighborhoods have an excellent view of these majestic mountain ranges thanks to their proximity, which provides unobstructed lines of sight. Residents can enjoy the sights after a long hard day at work while lounging in their luxury properties.

  • McKay Lake

This is the second-largest lake in the city of Westminster. Locals choose to spend a weekend by the lakeside, enjoying a fishing and camping trip while taking in the natural sights and wildlife.

Huntington Trails and Lexington Homes

Both communities offer a wide variety of home styles for prospective residents to choose from. Prices and other factors are affected by the homes’ construction size, style, lot location and size, and the quality of the finish. The typical home styles between the neighborhoods include:

  • Georgian style
  • Victorian style
  • Custom Contemporary
  • Neo-Eclectic

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