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Kittredge Homes for Sale

Kittredge Homes for Sale

Kittredge, Colorado is a small and quiet community near Denver, surrounded by the state’s trademark landscape of forests and mountains. The place is an ideal home for individuals who prefer seclusion and for couples who prefer to raise families in the rural than in the city.


Charles Marble Kittridge and his wife Anna purchased the 160-acre area back in the early 1900s with the hope of developing the place into a town. Soon, families started coming and settling in the land. In 1920, the little community was officially named Kittredge.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Although small, Kittredge community has its fair share of landmarks, schools, and hotels.

Kittredge Community Park

Resting near Evergreen High School and other nearby schools, Kittredge Community Park is a nice place to enjoy the snow-scape view of Denver during calm winters.

Denver Mountain Parks

Kittredge community gives accessibility to Denver Mountain Parks, which is considered as a national treasure for its stunning picnic glades and shimmering lakes.

Kittredge Homes

Most Kittredge posh homes for sale come in small sizes, ranging from 960 to 1,700 square feet of lot area. The houses are usually made out of wood, furnished with wooden kitchen cabinets and fireplaces to warm homeowners during the cold nights up in the Denver Mountains. The price of these houses have prices range from $310, 000 to $1,300,000.

  • Bungalow
  • Country house

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