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Lehigh is the name of various avenues that stretch out as major thoroughfares within the bustling Cherry Creek community. Aside from being a network of various major streets for the local population, they are also lined up with some of the finest choice residential real estate, alongside key establishments that cater to the neighborhood.


After the changeover of the neighborhood of Harmon’s name into Cherry Creek near the turn of the 19th Century, major developments came underway in the town. Expansion slowed down as the entire area of Denver adopted a war footing in the early 1940s, before continuing a couple of years after the war ended. Throughout these years of expansion and development, Lehigh became a busy residential segment with its own share of business establishments.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

No mention of Cherry Creek or any of its environs is complete without talking about this major landmark. Residents enjoy the facilities and shopping spots in this major location which also hosts a large variety of cultural and art shows regularly.

Denver’s premiere golf and country club sits right next to East 1st Avenue, allowing Cherry Creek residents easy access to the course. It is considered as one of the state’s finest golf facilities, offering excellent driving ranges for amateurs and professionals alike.

Lehigh Homes

Most of the properties in the Lehigh area represent the younger housing demographic in Cherry Creek. As such, many of the pieces of Denver real estate here show the newest and most recent design perspectives among residential real estate in Denver. Typical styles include

  • Ranch-style
  • American Foursquare
  • Neo-eclectic

The luxury property community at Cherry Creek’s Lehigh continues to grow. Be part of it now with the help of real estate expert Matt Metcalf. Get in touch today.