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Lower Highlands Luxury Real Estate (LoHi)


Lower Highlands (LoHi) is one of the three diverse commercial districts in Highland Denver, Colorado. It is surrounded by West 38th Avenue, I-25, Zuni Street and Speer. It is just a 20-minute walk from downtown Denver. LoHi is known for its bustling nightlife culture.

Lower Highlands History

Much of LoHi’s history started in 1858, around the time that Denver itself was founded. Most of the earliest settlements were built near Platte River, with bridges being built to connect the new settlement to the rest of the growing city. The area was first recognized as a town through a petition that was approved in 1885. Growing difficulties in maintaining public utilities forced the residents to allow the City of Denver to annex the town in 1896, although it would remain to be a suburban neighborhood until the arrival of the Denver Tramway system several years later which allowed easier movement between the City and Highland.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Being one of the major districts of Denver, LoHi has an abundance of attractions, nightspots, educational centers, medical facilities, and public utility centers that cater to the needs of all the residents.

The community garden is one of the attractions of LoHi. It is the place where residents spend their day together with their family and pets. You can also find a lot of establishments like restaurants, cafes, studios and offices near this neighborhood. The view above Denver includes best skyline and mountain panorama. Every Friday, there is Navajo Art District that showcases superb art pieces, including Pirate, Next, Zip 37 and Edge. Theatre shows like “Freak Train” are available every last Monday of the Month.

This is a small section of LoHi that is hidden from regular pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The Art District boasts a collection of art galleries and food spots that are central gathering spaces for LoHi’s artistic crowd.

  • Sloan’s Lake Park

Sloane’s Lake is a welcome distraction for those who are starting to feel weary of Denver’s hustle and bustle. This lake park is tucked right in the heart of LoHi, and is a good getaway spot for weary bodies aching from work.

One of the best foods in the LoHi community is from Lola Coastal Mexican Cuisine. It features more than 150 menus as well as fine tequila.

Lower Highlands Luxury Homes For Sale

Lower Highlands (LoHi) is a fast changing community in Denver. The exclusive luxury homes available in this emerging community are townhouses, condominiums and single-family homes. They come in different designs and styles. Some are modern homes, while others are either Victorian homes or traditional homes. LoHi is the best place for people who are looking for an environmental-friendly and family-friendly community.

  • Victorian style
  • Custom contemporary
  • Luxury apartments
  • Townhouses

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