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Pine Homes for Sale

Pine Homes for Sale

There is no better name to call this town because of the pine trees you can see in every corner. Whimsical and enchanting, the surroundings of Pine brings out a charm – a perfect fit for people who crave tranquillity while not sacrificing elegance.


First inhabited in 1866, Pine was laden by railroad tracks for freight services and it became the first fueling station and headquarters for engine helpers. Since then, Pine became a hub for many industries such as ice harvest that was established by Charlie Eggert.

In 1925, William Baehr, president of Chicago’s North Continent Utilities Company decided to build a 27-room lodge in Pine. He then enlisted the service of a foreman to build bridges, plants, and water tanks. This started more innovations in the town.

Pine used to be called Pine Grove until 2009 when it petitioned for change. Today, Pine is an unincorporated community. It is a town governed not by a local administration, but by a higher organization.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

With warm climate suitable for lodging, Pine has activities and attractions that fit the bill!

Pine Valley Ranch Park

Perhaps the most famous spot in Pine, this open park offers a variety of activities like hiking through Bulk Gulch trail, fishing and kayaking on the South Platte River, horseback riding, and simple picnics in the open fields!

Bucksnort Saloon

This saloon has seen glorious days since it started in the 1800s. The bar regularly offers drinks and food like their popular half-pound burger, and lets musicians play during weekends. People looking for a place to chill on a Friday night will find Bucksnort a delight!

Pine Homes

Pine is 45 miles southwest of Colorado. It is an unpretentious town that possesses a sense of grandeur and serenity that are all accentuated by its gorgeous landscape and endearing community which make its real estate thriving. Houses in Pine offer multiple rooms with tongue and groove ceilings and large windows that open to a spectacular view of the mountains. Spanning 400 to 7000 in square feet, with prices ranging from $70,000 to $1,000,000 in price, homes in Pine comes with undeniable diversity.

  • Bungalows
  • Log Houses
  • Contemporary Homes
  • Ranches

Combine lavishness and modesty by living in Pine homes that are perfect for you and your family! Get in touch with Matt Metcalf of Mile High Home Pro now to learn more about Denver luxury homes!