Mile High Home Pro


“My wife and I used Matt when we relocated to the Denver area in 2017. We have bought and sold several homes in several different markets across the US and Matt was head and shoulders above other realtors we’ve used in other areas.

Matt was extremely knowledgeable about the Denver market, and we saw about all of it! He was very patient and always made himself available. Matt was a great listener and always kept us on task with our original plan so we didn’t settle just to get in a home.

I highly recommend using Matt when buying or selling a home and we would definitely use him again!”

Brad Jeffrey

“Matt is a pro who takes it to a professional level. He’s in it for you and runs his business that way. He’s not going to rush or pressure you into making a sale, because he treats real estate like a business. The level of service provided before and after the sale were above everything we had previously experienced, and above what we expected. Matt will treat you right.”

Wade Scherer

“Matt is a great asset to have while looking for a house. Even with the market being so competitive market, he managed to get me into the house that I really wanted! I’ve been very impressed.”

Cody Walker

“Matt Metcalf helped me through my first home purchase. His knowledge of the area’s market was invaluable, and his patience and thoughtfulness throughout the process really made this experience positive for me. Matt has a very high acumen for the financial side of real estate as well, which helped a lot to have someone to help think through different scenarios with. More so, Matt is extremely hardworking and dedicated to his craft. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. He helped me through the entire process and even recommended a lender who was ideal to work with. I would recommend him to anyone!”

Michael Moran

“I would highly recommend Matt at Simply Denver if you’re buying or selling a home. He has the experience, the skill, and the personality you need when you’re looking for the best realtor with so many out there these days. He was there with me through the entire home selling process from beginning to end making certain everything went smoothly and making sure I understood every part of the sale. Being a first time home seller is honestly a frightening thing with so many moving parts, but he made the experience less stressful and relatively seamless. He and his team really do care about your needs and are there 24/7 to answer your concerns no matter how ridiculous you think your question might be. There’s really nothing they haven’t seen so it was really wonderful to have them on my side. After closing, I received several calls from him just to make sure everything else after closing went just as smoothly. I will absolutely be using Matt in the future once I’m ready to purchase another home. He’s a great fit for anyone in the market.”

Laura Kelly

“In a highly competitive field where it seems like everyone has a “friend” who is in real estate it can be very easy to innocently fall victim to choosing inexperience over expertise. I had worked with three different “friends” in previous real estate transactions that ended up being negative experiences. Last year while toying with the idea of selling and buying a new home, my wife received several recommendations for a realtor from friends and family and one of those recommendations was Matt Metcalf. Matt came highly recommended but for me one of the things I liked most was that I did not know Matt personally and I felt that would give me an edge, because I would have no loyalty to him… So I reached out to Matt. Matt was extremely personable and I explained my situation and what I was wanting to do, he brainstormed a plan of action with me that sounded great! Cautiously optimistic I was not sold on Matt yet, I wanted to see action. Much to my surprise it did not take long, Matt brought to life everything we had discussed. Matt’s game plan and experience made the sale of our home feel like a comfortable and smooth transaction for my wife and I. The true test for Matt came during the purchase process of our new home. Matt took the time to know exactly what both my wife and I were looking for in a new home. We looked at so many houses and NOT ONCE did we ever feel pressured by Matt to make a decision nor did we ever get the feeling that Matt was tired of showing us house after house. Matt was always more than happy to take us to the next house on the list with nothing but a smile and positive attitude, Matt genuinely wanted to find the perfect house for us. At one point we were under contract on a house and after the inspection and having a contractor look at the place it just wasn’t feeling like the deal we had originally thought. Matt had NO problem with pulling the plug for us and walking away from the deal. Finally when my wife and I found the perfect house for our family, Matt wasted no time trying to get us under contract. In this highly competitive housing market it was Matt’s experience and creativity that got the sellers to accept our offer over the other offers the sellers had already received. I had no personal relationship or loyalty to Matt when I met him; I was not looking to work with a “friend”… but after having the opportunity to work with him last year, I can confidently and honestly say that Matt Metcalf will strive to exceed your expectations and he is the ONLY friend that I would ever recommend to my friends and family to work with on any real estate transaction.”

Colorado Cyclist

“Matt is the best! He has continued to go above and beyond to make sure his clients are more than happy. He’s a joy to work with and makes the stressful process of buying a home incredibly easy and pain-free. He’s the best in the business. I’d give him 10/5 stars if I could!”

Trenton Smith

“Matt is amazing! “Realtor” doesn’t even begin to cover everything he did for me. He advised me through tough situations, provided knowledgeable insight on numerous issues that arose during the selling and buying process, and remained calm through it all when I was ready to lose my mind! Plus he was a fun and pleasant person to work with! He kept me realistic and patient through a long search and together we found my dream home!”

T Brown

“I want to say thank you for helping my family and I find a new home. This was our first purchase, and I must say, I am impressed by how helpful you were. You made sure we got what we were looking for; if we had any questions you gave us answers. Your knowledge as a real estate agent and the housing market really was amazing. We had no idea what we were in for, but you were right there to be sure that our family received a wonderful new home. If you are looking for a professional that is patient, knowledgeable and diligent Mr. Metcalf is the agent for you.”

Marcus P.

“Matt Metcalf’s professionalism and expertise is unmatched. He knows Denver neighborhoods like the back of his hand, which gave us confidence that we were paying a fair amount. He actually directed us away from a home that he felt was overpriced, and saved us thousands. How many realtors would do that rather than getting the sale? We also used him for a very complex purchasing situation, selling one rental property and buying two others. There were multiple complications with builders – completely out of Matt’s control. Time after time we thought that the deals were going to fall through, but Matt wouldn’t let that happen. He went way above and beyond, consulting with accountants, lawyers, title companies – at his own expense. With ingenious, out-of-the-box solutions he was able to save the contracts – again, saving us thousands of dollars. Matt is fun, friendly, and easy to work with. He completes dozens of deals a year, so real estate isn’t a hobby to him – it is his profession, and he is the consummate professional.”

Amy Archuleta

“My experience with Matt was absolutely first class. He delivered on everything he promised and more. He got my home on the market and sold faster than I expected. I would recommend him to any of my friends looking to move.”

Scott Bishop

“Best realtor I’ve ever dealt with. Takes pride in honesty over a quick buck.”

David Aldworth

“Matt has helped our families since 2001 with various real estate and financing transactions. He is extremely honest and knowledgeable in all aspects of the real estate market and provide good unbiased advice specific to our situation helping us avoid potential mistakes.
I would strongly recommend Matt to anyone who needs a realtor.”

Bruce Ryman

“Matt helped my husband and I buy our first home in late 2012 and could not have been more helpful. We didn’t know a lot about how the system works going in, and he was very patient explaining things to us all along the way. We found a place in record time since he really listened to what we were looking for. And the place has been great. You will be in great hands if you work with Matt!”

Felicity Coye

“If you are looking for a honest hard working real estate agent look no further than Matt Metcalf. Matt went far above and beyond helping us sell our house. Matt really cared about our needs and ensured that everything was taken care of on time if not before. One of the big hurdles for Matt was the fact that we live out of state, this did not phase him at all. Matt took it upon himself to help look for and coordinate with contractors and ourselves during some upgrades we had completed. Matt walked us through every step from start to finish answering any questions we had. I would recommend Matt to anyone who is buying or selling a home.”

Ryan Steele

“Matt really is “The Mile High Home Pro.” My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Matt on our recent first home purchase. He answered any questions, as well as provided information about things we had no clue about! He was patient and made us feel comfortable every step of the way. He knew the current market, as well as the history of the market in the Denver area, so that he could help us make the best decision for both now and the future. We are very happy with our “starter home” and will definitely call Matt again when we are looking for a larger place. We would also recommend him to all our friends looking for houses soon!”

Heather E.

“Best Real estate agent in Denver!!! Matt is comfortable, not pushy, and very hard working. He doesn’t just want to put you in any house, he wants to put you in the RIGHT house! Matt is very honest, and up front and will let you in on those little secrets about real estate (even after the sale is complete). I will never buy a house from another agent, Matt is simply the BEST! I trust Matt, I will recommend him to all my family and friends (in fact, he’s already helped a few others in my family purchase/sell property).”

Chris Ryman

“We started with another agent and was given Matt’s name by another friend who used him after one phone conversation it didn’t take long for us to make the switch and use Matt. It was our first home purchase he got everything we wanted and in the neighborhood and price range we wanted. We couldn’t be happier. Matt was very knowledgeable in many areas not just as a real estate agent. He was kind and he listened to what we wanted and would not let us make a bad decision. I would recommend him to all family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. I just can’t say enough good things!!!”

Katarina Palmer

“I’m a home inspector and met Matt at a client’s new home yesterday. He stayed for the entire inspection and made sure he saw and understood the inspection findings. I thought that was great service for his client. Many agents these days don’t show up for inspections. If he puts this much care and attention into a home inspection you could assume the other aspects of his business are also top-notch.”

David R

“Dear Mr. Metcalf, I want to say thank you for helping my family and I find a new home. This was our first purchase, and I must say, I am impressed by how helpful you were. You made sure we got what we were looking for; if we had any questions you gave us answers. Your knowledge as a real estate agent and the housing market really was amazing. We had no idea what we were in for, but you were right there to be sure that our family received a wonderful new home. If you are looking for a professional that is patient, knowledgeable and diligent Mr. Metcalf is the agent for you.”

Mark Palmer