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“In a highly competitive field where it seems like everyone has a “friend” who is in real estate it can be very easy to innocently fall victim to choosing inexperience over expertise. I had worked with three different “friends” in previous real estate transactions that ended up being negative experiences. Last year while toying with the idea of selling and buying a new home, my wife received several recommendations for a realtor from friends and family and one of those recommendations was Matt Metcalf. Matt came highly recommended but for me one of the things I liked most was that I did not know Matt personally and I felt that would give me an edge, because I would have no loyalty to him… So I reached out to Matt. Matt was extremely personable and I explained my situation and what I was wanting to do, he brainstormed a plan of action with me that sounded great! Cautiously optimistic I was not sold on Matt yet, I wanted to see action. Much to my surprise it did not take long, Matt brought to life everything we had discussed. Matt’s game plan and experience made the sale of our home feel like a comfortable and smooth transaction for my wife and I. The true test for Matt came during the purchase process of our new home. Matt took the time to know exactly what both my wife and I were looking for in a new home. We looked at so many houses and NOT ONCE did we ever feel pressured by Matt to make a decision nor did we ever get the feeling that Matt was tired of showing us house after house. Matt was always more than happy to take us to the next house on the list with nothing but a smile and positive attitude, Matt genuinely wanted to find the perfect house for us. At one point we were under contract on a house and after the inspection and having a contractor look at the place it just wasn’t feeling like the deal we had originally thought. Matt had NO problem with pulling the plug for us and walking away from the deal. Finally when my wife and I found the perfect house for our family, Matt wasted no time trying to get us under contract. In this highly competitive housing market it was Matt’s experience and creativity that got the sellers to accept our offer over the other offers the sellers had already received. I had no personal relationship or loyalty to Matt when I met him; I was not looking to work with a “friend”… but after having the opportunity to work with him last year, I can confidently and honestly say that Matt Metcalf will strive to exceed your expectations and he is the ONLY friend that I would ever recommend to my friends and family to work with on any real estate transaction.”