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Deep in the sprawling urban jungles of Denver lies Uinta Street, a suburban roadway home to simple yet elegant properties. It stretches from East 35th Avenue in the north to East 11th Avenue in the south. It spans several blocks of city streets.


Denver expanded rapidly after it incorporated a good deal of outlying communities within its immediate vicinity in the 1890s. By the late 1910s, Denver has become one of the larger cities in the region. Uinta became one of the offshoot city roads as a result of the city’s continuous expansion outward. It now acts as a side-street that people take to avoid much of the congestion along some of the bigger roads, and for easier access to the larger arterial roads and highways like MLK Jr Boulevard and Central Park Boulevard.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Thanks to its position as one of Denver’s side streets, Uinta weaves through and nearby various key landmarks and amenities within the area, including shops, schools, hospitals, churches, and parks.

  • Old Stapleton Airport Tower

This iconic piece of architecture once directed all air traffic to and from the city up until Denver International Airport was opened in 1995. There are now plans to turn the air tower into a social hotspot and a possible museum.

  • Greenway Park

This park is only a handful of open recreation facilities along Uinta’s itinerary route. This massive green spot is a welcome sight away from the busy roads, and a good place to relax, unwind, and exercise with family and friends.

Uinta Homes

Luxury real estate development efforts in the vicinity of Uinta went into overdrive after the old Stapleton airport was decommissioned. The place now boasts some of the newest and latest in urban green living as an offshoot of the increased efforts to make the most of the old airport’s land. Mixes of home types have become evident. Many of these home designs include

  • Single-detached
  • Ranch-style micro living
  • Split-level style

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