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The cozy and quiet suburban living in Wolfe Street exemplifies the comfortable lifestyle enjoyed by residents in Highland Ranch. This small curved road is lined up within the center of most of Highland Ranch’s local communities.


The establishment of Highlands Ranch as a suburb after its 1978 purchase paved the way for the growth of a large number of suburban communities centered on its major highways. Wolfe Street became a part of a network of community roads that linked directly to West Highlands Ranch Parkway and Lucent Boulevard during the 1980s. The roadway is still known as such to this day.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Being a road in a busy suburban community, Wolfe Street is within close proximity of many of Highlands Ranch’s civic centers, schools, and medical facilities.

A branch of this famous shopping center sits right across Lucent Boulevard. Residents enjoy the various facilities and amenities this major shopping stop has on offer.

This hospital sits on the same lot as Target, and is also right across the local community where Wolfe Street is situated. This massive medical center offers the finest in hospital and emergency care.

Wolfe Homes

In keeping with the style of many of Highlands Ranch’s luxury homes, the properties along Wolfe Street are simple in style yet functional in capability. The subdued appearance is perfect for suburban living. Typical properties come in the form of

  • Single-detached homes
  • Neo-Eclectic
  • Ranch-style

Experience suburban living in this quiet and peaceful Highlands Ranch community. Ask Matt Metcalf for luxury home purchasing details today.