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Congress Park

Congress Park is a bustling urban park and neighborhood within the County of Denver. It is bounded by Colfax Avenue on the north, York City on the west, Sixth Avenue on the south and Colorado Boulevard on the east. The community is accessible to Cherry Creek and downtown Denver. As of 2010, the community has a total of 10,235 residents.


Situated 10 minutes away from Hilltop, Congress Park started out as a group of subdivisions in the outskirts of a rapidly expanding Denver back in 1887. It would be incorporated into the city two years later, in March 11, 1889. Prior to incorporation, the area was known as Cemetery Hill due to its proximity to the nearby Mount Prospect Cemetery, later known as Cheesman Park. After 1889, the area became known as Capitol Heights, before eventually adapting its current name in the 1970s.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Congress Park contains several amenities including 8 tennis courts, a children’s playground, several athletic fields and Denver’s public outdoor swimming pools. The neighborhood is full of mature and tall trees that provide a relaxing environment for the residents of Congress Park. Its location in downtown Denver’s parks district puts within close proximity of various shopping areas, learning institutions, and recreation facilities.

  • Communications Center for the City of County of Denver

Located along 950 Josephine Street on the northern end of the community, this facility houses the headquarters of the city’s emergency dispatchers and 911 contact center. All emergency calls throughout the county and city are routed through this area.

  • Denver Water Department cisterns

The northern end of Congress Park also has land occupied by the city’s water utilities unit. The place houses several underground water storage cisterns that services the residents around most of downtown.

  • East 7th Avenue Historic District

This is one of Denver’s most historic districts. East 7th Avenue is known for its collection of well-preserved homes from years past that reflects the diverse history of the city.

Congress Park Homes

Congress Park prides itself in the abundance of well-maintained vintage homes within its vicinity, with many of these homes originating from the 1880s. These Victorian-style homes are preserved thanks to the efforts of local renovation companies. In addition to these classic houses, the area also plays host to several contemporary home designs. Homes range in price from $170,000 to $830,000.

Common property styles include:

  • Victorian-style
  • Georgian Style
  • Custom contemporary style
  • Post-modern

If you are looking for a peaceful place to live, then Congress Park is the right place for you. Call Matt Metcalf now and get your new Denver luxury property in Congress Park!