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Hilltop is a tree-lined neighborhood in Denver bounded by Severn Avenue to the north, East Alameda Avenue to the south, Monaco Parkway and Crestmoor Park to the east, and Colorado Boulevard to the west. It has around 8,000 residents that have a median household income of about $120,000.

As its name suggests, Hilltop is a highly elevated neighborhood. One of the most visited spots in this neighborhood is Cranmer Park. The park is located at the center of the neighborhood and features great views of the Front Range Mountains. You can also find Robinson Park and 6th Avenue Parkway within this neighborhood.

Hilltop History

Hilltop came about as the result of favorable conditions caused by the establishment of early water utilities in the area, and the subsequent increased movement of new means of mass public transport. Around 1886, developer Milo A. Smith established a small subdivision just south of the City Lateral Canal. Six years later, partners Bradford DuBois and William H. Malone established their own subdivision of homes on the north side of the Canal. The two communities would go on to be separate developments for a little while longer until they were simultaneously incorporated into the City of Denver in 1893, eventually forming the basis for Hilltop as it is today. Most of Hilltop’s rapid development would eventually come much later, in the 1940s and 1950s.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Hilltop plays host to a wide variety of retail outlets and restaurants owned by locals. It is also in close proximity to a number of primary and secondary schools.

  • Cranmer Park

 Cranmer Park is located at the heart of the Hilltop Community. Its position offers a great view of the Front Range Mountains.

  • Josher and Cranmer Houses

These two residences are preserved landmarks within the Hilltop area. Cranmer House was formerly owned by Denver Manager of Improvement and Parks George Cranmer, for which the local park is named. Josher House is a protected area thanks to its preservation of a unique International-style home design.

The properties in The Hilltop community include spacious and stylish homes with unique architectural design. It is considered as one of Denver’s affluent neighborhoods that house classic and grand old homes. This community is near to several excellent schools like Graland Country Day School, an independent and co-educational day school for Grades K-8 and Temple Emanuel that is located near the center of the neighborhood, as well as a host of other public and private educational institutions.

Hilltop Luxury Homes

Nestled 5 minutes away from Cherry Creek, Hilltop is considered as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Denver. Most of the houses in this neighborhood are built in spacious lots and have exceptional architectural design. They are mostly colonial style homes that were built in the early and mid-20th century. The average price of homes in this neighborhood is around $1,300,000. Most of the residents are long-term residents and property owners.

  • Colonial style
  • Victorian-style
  • Custom contemporary

This community was developed around 1940s to 1950s. If you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful residence, then choose among the properties in The Hilltop. Call Matt Metcalf at +1 720-260-0180 to know more about Hilltop Denver and other million-dollar luxury homes in Denver.