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Highland is one of Denver’s city-center neighborhoods, bounded by West 38th Avenue to the north, I-25 and Speer Boulevard to the south, and Federal Boulevard on the west. It is just 11 minutes away from Sloan’s Lake. It has a combined population of 57,000 people, which includes the residents of the adjacent community of West Highland. Both communities are known collectively, and improperly, as The Highlands, a cause for confusion for many people outside Denver.


Plans for the town were laid up by Denver founder William Larimer, Jr. in 1858. The Highland Company, a town-owned organization aimed at managing the development of the township, was formed a year later, along with the construction of a bridge connecting Highland to the rest of Denver. More people moved into town after the 1864 flood ruined much of Denver to the east, with streetcars following soon after.

Local developers petitioned the Arapahoe County Commissioners to allow the establishment of a village government for Highland in 1875. Ten years later, the original Highland community annexed the nearby towns of Potter Highland and Highland Park, and formed a city. The increased size, followed by increased development, eventually became untenable for Highland’s meager city funds, and thus the populace voted to be annexed by Denver.

Highland retained its suburban character for the remainder of the 19th century, attracting a host of immigrants like the Italians and the Scottish. That all changed with the arrival of the Denver Tramway Corporation, which centralized the area’s transport services, which boosted trade further. The tramway became the center of Highland’s growth until it was dismantled in the 1950s.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Highland retains a busy street vibe, with a host of various establishments that cater to the various needs and tastes of its residents and visitors.

  • Highland Park

This community park is located at the crossing between Federal Boulevard and 32nd Avenue. Besides being a known spot for locals to relax and spend a family day out, it is also home to a growing number of comfortable apartments with fine living spaces.

This clothing boutique started out as an online shopping spot for people looking for the latest in fashion in Denver. It has now become the go-to place for teens and trendsetters in Highland who want to have a taste of the latest clothing brands and the newest creations from up-and-coming designers.

Highland Homes

Highland homes combine the aesthetic of its colorful past and the new styles of the present with the latest homes up for sale in the area. The variety is far more visible now thanks to the continuing development of land and property in the community. Home styles include:

  • American Foursquare
  • Ranch-style
  • Custom Contemporary
  • Victorian-style

These properties usually cost anywhere between $400,000 and $2,000,000, going even higher in some parts of Highland.

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