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Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park is an urban park and neighborhood at the heart of Denver, just southeast of downtown. Just 10 minutes away from Greenwood Village, the park itself is surrounded by private residences scattered across three of its sides. These neighborhoods, meanwhile, are bordered by Downing Street to the west, York Street in the east, Colfax Avenue up north and 8th Avenue down south. There are 7,971 residents of various ethnicities currently living in the various neighborhoods sprawled around the park.

Cheesman Park History

While the park itself started life as a mismanaged cemetery named Mount Prospect back in the 1850s, the first living communities around the area starting popping up around 1868. The communities were eventually annexed by the city of Denver in 1883, although development of the area was slow in coming. Nonetheless, many of Denver’s high-rolling business and professional class made their homes around the park, turning it into a sort of fashion district for the city.

By 1915, the neighborhoods were mostly filled with mansions owned by some of central Denver’s most affluent families. Fifteen years later, however, the area became more populated with apartment buildings. The plethora of high-rise apartments mixed with detached residential homes is still a pattern that can be observed to this day.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Cheesman Park’s communities are located within close proximity of many shopping centers, recreational facilities, learning institutions and other functional amenities within the downtown Denver area, on top of the Park itself. It is also near Molly Brown Museum, one of the most visited historic site in Colorado. The large variety of homes that can be found in the neighborhoods is a testament to the long and varied history of the area’s residential communities.

  • Wyman’s, Morgan’s Addition, and Humboldt Island Districts

These three historical districts are scattered across the Park’s various neighborhoods. They are known to be the center of various preserved homes from various periods in the Park’s history, and are a glimpse into the communities’ rich past.

  • Cheesman Park Pavilion

The centerpiece of the Park, the Pavilion acts as a memorial to the Park’s namesake, prominent Denver resident Walter S. Cheesman. The neoclassical-style pavilion sits prominently on the east end of the Park, and attracts many visitors daily.

This key segment of the Park proper occupies land that was once the Catholic Cemetery segment of Mount Prospect. It houses many plant species, and is a good spot to get away from the hustle of city life.

Cheesman Park Luxury Homes

Homes in Cheesman Park are varied in form and function thanks to decades of development. The community’s homes are made in an assortment of styles, which may include:

  • Classical Revival
  • Mission/Spanish Revival
  • Victorian
  • Custom Contemporary
  • High-rise Apartments

Home prices in this downtown Denver luxury properties community range between $230,000 and $1,500,000.

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