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Cherry Hills

Cherry Hills prides itself in being one of the few semi-rural areas in Denver. Its borders are Hampden Avenue on the north, Belleview Avenue on the south, South Monaco Street on the East and South Clarkson Street on the west. It is 20 minutes away from Downtown Denver, making it an excellent hideaway from the busy city life while not being very far.


Located 11 minutes away from Bear Creek Village, Cherry Hills was simply known as The Circle back in 1938, with few residential homes settled down in the area. A sort of community association, the Cherry Hills Improvement Association, was formed in 1939 to protect the lands from improper development. For years they refused allowing many commercial facilities from establishing a presence in the area. After the war, the homeowners successfully petitioned the incorporation of their area into the City of Denver.

Development was slow for the next two decades as there was still some disagreement on what kind of residential areas can be developed. Eventually, the area would fall under professional management in 1977 after several years of mismanagement has caused serious damage to much of the residential area. Developments and construction would continue in earnest for the next few years, culminating in Cherry Hills as it is today.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Cherry Hills has its own share of public amenities, including courts, children’s playgrounds and swimming pools. Its proximity to Downtown Denver allows easy access to a host of shopping establishments, top-level educational institutions, and other important facilities. It also less than 15 minutes away from Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

  • Glenmoor and Cherry Hills Country Club

These golf driving ranges are considered as two of the finest golf clubs in this part of Denver. Cherry Hills Country Club is distinct for being able to survive the Great Depression, eventually becoming one of the signature country clubs attached to the community.


  • Buell Mansion

This is one of Cherry Hills’ more famous thoroughfares. The place was named for the residency of famed Chicago-born architect Temple Hoyne Buell, who was one of the proponents of developing Cherry Hills.

Cherry Creek Luxury Homes

Homes in Cherry Hills have a distinctly European flair, which adds to the rural feel of the neighborhood. Many are situated in large, well-separated lots. These homes are priced anywhere between $3,000,000 and $13,000,000. Cherry Creek’s properties range in appearance, including period pieces like:

  • Victorian period homes
  • Modern contemporary homes
  • Luxury condominiums
  • French Country style properties

Prices usually top out at around $1,300,000.

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One of the few semi-rural areas in Denver, Cherry Hills not only offer Cherry Creek luxury homes with European flair, but it also offers public amenities including courts, children’s playgrounds, and swimming pools, to its residents, just like other Denver neighborhoods in the more urban areas. The village is also close to some famous shopping establishments, top educational institutions, and other important facilities due to its proximity to the city.