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Luxury Homes

Brimming with an incredible Midwestern town atmosphere, the Mile High City that is Denver is perfect for people looking for a seamless blend of the old and the new, especially when it comes to luxury living.

Proving this claim are the fast growing high rise properties and commercial developments in the downtown areas and natural preserves anyone can visit or just admire still abundant within the expanse. Of course, the city’s breezy environment is still there to complete both attractions!

Denver is also currently making a mark in the real estate scene, notching up high number of sales and increasing median home prices because of large number of jobs offers with impressive wages provided by the city’s diverse collection of industries. At present, these exclusive Denver homes are around a median price that is half a million dollars and as a result, the city is being recognized by major media and business outlets as one of the top cities across the nation to watch out for.

Luxury Home Styles

Ranging from traditional to postmodern, the architecture and design of the luxury real estate in Denver encompasses many different elements but are ultimately made to define true grandeur and comfort. If you are interested in buying Denver real estate, here are the homes styles that you should expect:


Bungalow homes are a primary style in Denver as their simplicity and compactness are ideal for the cool weather of the city. Despite the modesty, bungalow homes can be extravagant on their own; residents can always improve the following characteristics:

Mid-Century Modern

Of course, as true to its ability of combining both the old-fashioned and current, Denver is also populated by homes with upscale styles like mid-century modern. This kind of structural design is minimal in features and emphasizes symmetry more than anything. For texture, it uses contrasting elements like wood and plastic. Characteristics include:

The Mid-Century Modern design can easily be seen in some Solterra homes for sale.

Colonial Revival

Colonial Revival

A classic style from the 1890s, colonial revival is for homeowners who want the air of command and formality for their luxury lifestyle. Due to its timelessness, colonial revival is favored for Denver luxury real estate design as it is an easy pick for the traditional homebuyer who wants something ageless and striking. The usual attributes of a Colonial Revival property are:

Buyers of Cherry Creek homes for sale can also see Colonial Revival-styled buildings like the First Baptist Church and the Fleming-Hanington House near the community.


Derived from Tudor architecture of the medieval times, Tudor home styles are a good match to Denver’s chilly and whimsical atmosphere due to its charming characteristics. Known for its distinctive stonework, homes with this style are really popular, especially in Bonnie Brae Denver, which is why they come with a heavier price tag than other Denver posh real estate developments. Nonetheless, it is a worthy investment as you can enjoy features like:

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod style is built for a cold climate like Denver’s. It is influenced by the New England homes from the 17th Century and is a variation of the colonial revival style. Originally, it was widely used for its affordability; now this style is applied to some of the most expensive luxury real estate of Denver. It has characteristics of:


Denver also capitalizes greatly on new trends and this can be reflected by the contemporary-styled homes within the metro. Built according to the latest elements of today but still adapted to where it stands, the contemporary homes in Denver are a treat for the modernist homebuyer.
Contemporary characteristics include:

Along with modern and traditional designs, Bow Mar homes for sale also showcase contemporary architecture.

Luxury Home Features

Since the homes in Denver have varying styles, the features of each luxury home are also different from each other, but collectively, they are all made to bring comfort and luxury to the owner. Some of these features that you can encounter and eventually lavish in are:

Of course all of these are set against the majestic backdrop of the mountains, the city skylines, and the rolling nature of Denver, Colorado. When combined together they form an unprecedented result!
The luxury homes found in the communities of Denver are poised to give you delectable satisfaction that makes the wealth you are going to spend completely worth it! Give Matt Metcalf of Mile High Home Pro a call today for your exclusive Denver real estate inquiries!