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Falcon Hills

Falcon Hills is a small subdivision nestled within Highlands Ranch, just 12 miles south of Metro Denver. It is bounded by Veneford Ranch Road to the south, South University Boulevard to the west, and the E-470 to the north. As of 2010, the community has 166 residents.

Falcon Hills History

Since the establishment of Highlands Ranch as a census-designated place in 1981, the number of private subdivisions have grown steadily. The boom was a culmination of efforts by the Mission Viejo Company to recreate the suburban development of Mission Viejo, California, in this growing part of Douglas County after they purchased the area in 1978.

Colorado State Highway 470 opened in 1985, just in time to provide services to the first few households that will eventually form Falcon Hills and its neighboring subdivisions.

Northridge Elementary opened in 1982, and became the area’s first school. Northridge Recreation Center was also opened in the same year, catering to the athletic needs of the residents.

Northridge Jr./Sr. High School opened in 1987, catering to both junior and senior students before becoming a senior-only high school in 1991 after the completion of Cresthill Middle School. The Highlands Ranch branch of the Douglas County Libraries also opened for the first time during this year.

Falcon Hills would receive an increase in its residents during the period between 1991 and 1997, during Highlands Ranch’s massive expansion phase.

Shea Properties acquired Mission Viejo in 1997, paving the way for even greater development and new investments.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Falcon Hills is strategically located near a host of parks, schools, and recreational facilities that were initially created to cater to the needs of the area’s early residents and save them from spending minutes or hours travelling to nearby Littleton for their basic needs. The subdivision is known for its host of well-maintained, high quality luxury homes.

Located just across South University Boulevard, The Vi at Highlands Ranch provides quality assisted living services and accommodations for retirees. It is one of the top retirement homes in this part of Colorado.

  • Promenade Shopping Center

The Promenade is a community shopping center situated across the E-470, and can be reached from Falcon Hills through South University Boulevard. The shopping center caters to communities in both Highlands Ranch and nearby Southglenn.

Falcon Hills Luxury Homes

Homes in Falcon Hills retain a contemporary appearance, both inside and out. The community’s homes are made in an assortment of styles, which may include:

  • Brick home style
  • English Tudor
  • Georgian
  • Custom Contemporary

Home prices in this Highlands Ranch community range between $800,000 and $1,200,000.

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