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Boulder is the county seat of Boulder County in the state of Colorado. It is located in the Boulder Valley where the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains meet.

Short History


  • Non-native settlement joins the land at Red Rocks near the entrance to Boulder Canyon. A year later, the Boulder City Town Company was organized by A.A. Brookfield, the first president, along with 56 shareholders. There were 4,044 lots laid out at a purchase price of $1,000 each. It was later lowered to attract more residents.

1860 – 1861

  • The first schoolhouse was built at the southwest center of Walnut at 15th street.
  • The residents also began lobbying to have Boulder’s University of Colorado which was granted later during 1974.
  • This city was a part of the Nebraska Territory until the U.S. Congress created the Territory of Colorado during 1861. The city served as a supply base to miners and provided housing and transport services, drinking establishments, and more.


  • The town of Boulder was founded and incorporated

19th – 20th Century

  • Boulder’s population passed the 3,000 mark which paved way for its compliance of the required population count for the incorporation of a city.
  • Boulder was designated as the county seat in 1867. The first courthouse was constructed later on, following replacement in 1934 when it burned to the ground.
  • Continuous progress took place as amenities and health services were developed. The first post office, a hospital, the availability of telegraph, the first bank, and a water system followed few years later.
  • Residential and commercial areas expanded and a private school was established. The Chautauqua Auditorium and Hotel Boulderado were constructed to boost tourism. The growth of population, development of laws, and construction of new establishments followed soon after.

Demography & Topography

The city:

  • Is considered the 24th most populous US city according to 2010 data by the US Census Bureau.
  • Consists of 682,545 individuals, split into over 250,000 households.
  • Has an average household income at $45,438.
  • Has the majority of the population aged between 25 and 44.

Culture and Social Life in Boulder

Boulder is guaranteed to provide you an excellent quality of life.

  • Boulder has a thousand acres of recreational open spaces, natural beauty, and a hip urban culture.
  • Rock climbing is a popular outdoor sport here since there are various climbing routes available in the generous open spaces of the city.
  • Bicycling is very popular in the area that the Boulder Creek bike path is often plowed of snow before the roads.
  • Boulder hosts a lot of arts and cultural events. Plays and concerts are usually performed under the night sky and festivals are boosted by a breathtaking background of the Flatirons that symbolize the city.
  • There Pearl Street Mall has an overflowing set of cafés, bookstores, galleries, and a street theatre.
  • The Chautauqua Auditorium is filled with the classic tunes of Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, and more during the Colorado Music Festival.
  • There are also different art festivals showcasing live entertainment, art exhibits, excellent handcrafted items, street performances, and a lot more.
  • The city is filled with welcoming, well-educated, and health-conscious people so you’ll be in good company here.
  • Boulder is rich with museums and art centers that are all worth a visit.

The city is one of the best vacation destinations in the entire country. Residents get to experience more than 300 days of sunshine a year and a distinct four-season climate. Summers are glorious with a healthy picture of lush tress and blue skies, and heat is cooled down by the afternoon. This is the season for many festivals among any other time of the year. Winters are of few snowy days. Boulder is rarely buried in snow but it is often sprinkled with mild sunny days. Any day of the year can be a great time to visit Boulder!

The Luxury Home Scene in Boulder

Aside from Boulder’s majestic scenery, it is a major destination in recent years because of its luxury home scene. Boulder has always been a home of some of the safest, cleanest, and most peaceful residencies that are partnered with top-notch natural amenities.

Aside from Boulder’s majestic scenery, it is a major destination in recent years because of its luxury home scene. Boulder has always been a home of some of the safest, cleanest, and most peaceful residencies that are partnered with top-notch natural amenities.

If you choose to stay in the warmth of your private space, the grand windows in the different parts of your sophisticated home will bring you the magnificent mountain and city views.

With the outstanding contemporary home decorations blending with the city’s natural beauty, one will surely find a luxury home in this ultimate haven.

Choosing the Perfect Boulder Luxury Home

The luxury real estate scene in Boulder is composed of custom homes with generous open spaces for the breathtaking views of nature. It is of high demand because of its abundance on natural space for recreation, homes settled in the mountains, stunning cityscape views, and properties of perfect architecture that complement the surroundings.

Deciding to move to Boulder is not just about finding a home to stay as it also involves finding a lifestyle that stays closer to the beauty of nature. With properties that can provide you a magnificent quality of life, choosing the perfect luxury home might not be so easy. You will need a precise and experienced professional who has a clear knowledge and understanding of real estate, particularly in Boulder. With various experiences in real estate and an excellent background in real estate finance for 20 years, Matt Metcalf is distinctively a perfect choice to guide you as you make your purchase.

Make The Best Choice

Waiting for you in Boulder are 300 days of healthy sunshine and natural amenities that are just a walking distance away! Dismiss your worries as Mile High Home Pro can surely help you in every part of the entire process of purchasing your luxury home in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Experienced in dealing with hopeful clients who want to purchase a luxury home, Matt Metcalf will make sure that your significant transactions are safe. Connect with Mile High Home Pro today!

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One of the best destinations for a vacation in the country, Boulder offers magnificent mountain and city sceneries to tourists and residents alike. The city is also a major destination because of its luxury home scene. It is home to some of the safest, cleanest, and most peaceful residencies not only in Colorado, but also in the whole country.

Moving into Boulder would not only mean having to own one of the best Denver luxury homes, but it would also bring you to finding a lifestyle closer to the beauty of the nature.