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Cherry Creek Luxury Real Estate

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One of Denver’s most bustling communities, Cherry Creek prides itself as being a center for art, culture, and trade. It is a combination of a beautiful urban setting and tree-lined suburban streets. Located just 3 minutes away from Congress Park, the Cherry Creek community is bounded by 6th Avenue, Alameda Boulevard, Colorado Boulevard and University Boulevard. The community is known as the culmination of urban development and harmony with nature.

Cherry Creek History

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The area was once known as Harmon, named after George Harmon who was the owner of the 320-acre farm that occupied the land for many years in Denver. Development of homes in the area was slow up until the end of the Second World War, when an influx of new families created newer opportunities for development. The expansion of Cherry Creek Shopping Center further hastened the development of the area into one of Denver’s most affluent communities.

With the development of the Cherry Creek shopping center, it has become a great place to live. It offers a wide variety of styles of homes that can satisfy any buyer looking for a great place to live and enjoy the best of a Denver lifestyle.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Chery Creek is located just a few minutes away from downtown Denver. Thanks to its location just outside downtown Denver, Cherry Creek’s residents get to enjoy a host of facilities and establishments that offer the best of the best in the City. It is an affluent community that is located close to several recreational facilities, local markets, exceptional restaurants, festivals and large pedestrian friendly shopping.

Cherry Creek Recreational Path

  • Whether biking, walking or jogging residents can enjoy quick access to the 22 mile path that runs through Cherry Creek and connects with a city wide network of trails. Each year the Cherry Creek Sneak draws racers from around the region.

Cherry Creek North and Cherry Creek Shopping Center

  • These massive shopping establishments occupy some of the busiest sections of Cherry Creek’s East First Avenue. They are regular go-to spots by residents and people from other communities because of their facilities and because of the various arts and music festivals that they host.

Cherry Creek Arts festival

  • This community is also known for hosting some of the best art, music and food festivals including the internationally acclaimed Cherry Creek Arts festival which draws some of the best artists from around the country each year.
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Cherry Creek Luxury Homes

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Cherry Creek luxury homes for sale include new luxury townhomes, high end historical residences, luxury apartments and condominiums. The prices of these real estate properties vary based on the size of the area, as well as the interior and exterior designs of the home. Prices usually top out at around $1,300,000. Cherry Creek features million-dollar upscale properties in Denver in different styles such as:

  • French Country
  • Victorian
  • Contemporary

If you are searching for upscale Denver homes that can provide you with an active lifestyle with upscale amenities and in close proximity to Downtown Denver, Cherry Creek is a great community for you. For inquiries, call Matt Metcalf at +1 720-260-0180.