Modern Homes in Denver

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Denver Modern Homes

Colorado is not only filled with million-Dollar Denver luxury real estate, but also Modern homes in the Mile High City which are smartly designed to provide luxurious comfort and appeal. These homes are reflections of new concepts and modern age thinking, and are descendants of other architectural styles like Gothic, Victorian, and Renaissance.

Nevertheless, modern design is still described as a spectrum instead of a single definite style. By incorporating the colors used in abstract art, luxury modern homes feature open layouts, abundant natural light, minimalist furniture, large region of glasses, and perky outdoor space that are all made from some of the most popular luxury home materials.

Types of Modern Homes in Denver

Modern Farmhouse

This type of modern home is all about making old things new again. As an adaptation of classic detailing of comfort and flair, Modern Farmhouse uses traditional materials to create casual designs that result in a more refined and revitalized version. This type of modern home is common in the community of Grant Ranch and is distinguished by:

  • Shaker-style furniture
  • Monochromatic design scheme
  • Use of reclaimed wood and brick
  • Gable walls and beams
  • Banquette seating

Desert Contemporary

By mixing the original desert motif, free-spirit vibe, and modernism, Desert Contemporary homes are categorized as mid-century home design with a touch of bohemian and eclectic atmosphere. In a nutshell, Desert Contemporary homes mostly seen in Backcountry Community have features like:

  • Abundance of plant life
  • Flat roof and large windows
  • Stucco and brick walls
  • Mid-century and wood based furniture
  • Printed interior textile
  • Neutral color palette

Desert Contemporary

Desert Prairie

This low-slung modern home combines beauty, comfort, and utility. The trademark features of this design are:

  • Sheltering roofs
  • Casement windows
  • Low chimneys
  • Extended balcony and terrace
  • Prominent outdoor space
  • Vertical and horizontal facade

Modern Contemporary

Characterized by clean and sleek designs, Modern Contemporary homes offer flexibility to incorporate adventurous personal styles without losing functionality. Here are some of its notable features:

  • Low-key entrance
  • Oversized windows
  • Extensive use of modern and industrial materials
  • Open floor plan
  • Combined indoor and outdoor living area
  • Flat rooflines
  • Minimal ornamentation

Mid-century Modern Style

This style of home never goes out of style with its clean lines, sleek curves, and a touch of nature. While its timeless quality and style makes it remarkable, technological advances give way to integrate new effects, forms, and even colors. Some features of Mid-century Modern homes are:

  • Sleek lines
  • Geometric forms
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Use of vast range of colors
  • Use of industrial materials like steel, aluminum, and stucco

Common Features of Modern Homes

Luxury modern homes for sale in Denver have energetic design and inventive character. These homes persistently change in style, shape, color, and form as they reflect the time and trend that we live in. Nevertheless, there are features that most of them possess in common.

Along with practicality and character, here are five features to look for in a modern real estate home.

Unconventional Roofs

Unconventional Roofs

To highlight the overall design of the home, modern architecture goes outside the box by incorporating varying lines, unusual linear elements, vaulted ceilings, overhangs, and multiple roof lines.

Oversized Windows

Denver modern homes use glass extensively to let natural light in and provide stunning views of the outdoor.

Oversized Windows


Despite the unconventional designs of a luxury modern home, clean aesthetic is still what people opt for. This type of home emphasizes on functionality instead of unnecessary frills and clutter.

Open Floor Plan

In a modern home, flowing interior spaces are prominent. To reflect a more relaxed and casual way of life, these homes often have open living, dining, and kitchen spaces; open riser stairs; and adjacent indoor and outdoor area. Outdoor lots of Denver modern homes are often turned into open-air living rooms.

Use of Natural Materials

Contemporary living gives way to the use of organic materials like rock, wood, slate, cotton, teak, wool, and other textiles

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