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Heritage West

Located east of State Highway 391, Heritage West is just one of a handful of exclusive communities that dot Lakewood. It is 17 minutes away from Cherry Hills community and is situated just between Chateau Ridge Estates and Illiff Ridge.

Heritage West History

Heritage West is one of the newer private communities in this part of Colorado. Developments have been rapid since the late 1990s, with newer homes popping up recently after the recovery from the Recession.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Heritage West is located closely to a number of parks, vital roadways, shopping districts, and water reservoirs. It can easily access parts of Denver and Lakewood proper thanks to its close proximity to State Highway 391.

  • Heritage Hill and Cottonwood Parks

These parks provide options for families who seek to spend some time off together without the need to go very far from home. Heritage Hill Park, to the west, provides recreational amenities in the form of a pool and tennis courts that families can enjoy together. To the east, Cottonwood Park’s lake and tree-covered picnic grounds provide a good way to commune with nature.

This middle-sized shopping center provides a good selection of goods and services for the neighborhoods close to it.

Heritage West Luxury Homes

Homes in Heritage West follow the typical custom contemporary layout. Many of these Denver luxury properties are single-family types, although they have additional space should the need for expansion arise.

  • Clay brick style
  • Custom Contemporary
  • Single-detached

Prices range between $800,000 and $900,000 per home.