What’s more high-end than living at an elevated location where you can feel that you are literally on top of the world? Denver is called the ‘Mile High City’ because it is 5,280 feet (exactly one mile above sea level) above sea level, but there are many places in or close to the Denver Metro area that rise even higher. There are many Denver luxury homes located in and near the Rocky Mountains.  But what do luxury homes in the higher elevations around Denver offer to you as a luxury home buyer?

Natural Beauty

Denver luxury home buyers can find a great home to escape city life and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain setting, but still maintain quick access for work or play in Denver. Listen to the Elk bugling each spring, watch the deer strolling across your property and take a stroll down a trail all without ever leaving your property. Denver’s weather offers a cooler climate than many parts of the country and provides plenty of sunshine for people looking for more mild and comfortable temperatures. Mountain areas can enjoy beautiful winter snow along with sunshine and warmer temperatures throughout much of the winter season. The summer months are noticeably cooler than many areas due to the elevation providing a comfortable outdoor experience. Denver experiences 300 days of sunshine each year, but sunshine does not always mean sunny days – it could also mean partly cloudy or cloudy days without precipitation. (Source: Colorado Climate Center).

The Location

Luxury homes in mountain areas are often viewed as vacation homes. In the Denver area you can find a great luxury home in these mountainous areas surrounding the city. Experience the relaxing vacation feel every day and remain close to the great amenities offered by a major metropolitan area like Denver. Many of these areas are within a 30 min drive to Downtown Denver for work or to experience all the arts, entertainment and food offered.

The Privacy

Since mountain communities usually have fewer residents (although the desirability for mountain properties is quite high) because it is more rural and farther from the city, there is a possibility that your closest neighborhood would be far your home. This privacy means you could host parties without the worry of disturbing your neighbors. It also means you can enjoy the feeling of seclusion and the peace and quiet afforded by these locations.

Larger Lots and Acreage

Fewer residential and commercial buildings mean more land area available for your home. If you desire a larger lot and acreage for your luxury property, the mountain areas around Denver are a great option. Most luxury properties in these areas offer 2 or even significantly more acres for you to enjoy.

The Home is Literally Higher Than Others

Although they are not actually on top of the mountains, they can get close and because of this they can provide spectacular views of the Denver metro area, mountain valleys and Continental Divide. Be at home with the feeling of being on top of the world.

Exclusive Features

Luxury home values increase over time when they offer exclusive features not easily replicated or found elsewhere. These increases in value for a luxury home can be through the addition of features and finishes or by nature of location. In the Denver area, the right luxury mountain home can provide a large lot and majestic views of the City lights and mountain peaks and valleys that cannot be replicated or added.