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Highwoods is one of the newer private subdivisions that dot the landscape of Highlands Ranch. It is situated to the east of Broadway and is just 17 minutes away from Heritage Hills.

Highwoods History

The residences in Highwoods are some of the youngest in the Highland Ranch area, with many of the homes being built as late as 2004.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Highwoods is located within a winding loop of different streets that branch out from Broadway and the nearby Gateway Drive. The community has its own share of amenities like pools and courts that the residents can enjoy.

This unique period structure stands out among the single-family homes and private townhouses in Highlands Ranch. It is a centerpiece of a large ranch that has been owned by different people over the years, and is now a tourist attraction for the county.

Highwoods Luxury Homes

Posh homes in Highwoods are relatively new, with many being built between 2004 and 2007. Houses are set up in large individual lots that provide ample private space for homeowners. These houses are priced between $1,000,000 and $2,300,000 on average.

  • Custom contemporary style
  • Post-modern
  • Clay and Brick style

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