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Ken Caryl Valley

Located 15 minutes away from Falcon Hills, Ken Caryl Valley is a large Census-Designated Place in Littleton. The large valley is named for nearby Ken Caryl Ranch, a former farming estate once owned by newspaper magnate John Charles Shaffer. As of 2010, the valley is home to 32, 438 residents.

Ken Caryl Valley History

The first major residential developments in Ken Caryl Valley came as a result of the creation of a housing center for the employees of Johns-Manville Corporation in 1971. Further developments would take place after Martin Marietta Astronautics (today’s Lockheed Martin) bought out the Johns-Manville Littleton campus in 1987. The first subdivisions would be completed by 1997.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Much of Ken Caryl Valley is untouched, natural land that has been allowed to develop on its own, providing residents with a closer view of the natural habitat. Even so, Ken Caryl Valley has a host of various learning, medical, and shopping facilities that cater to its growing population.

  • Manor House

This is one of Shaffer’s legacies in the Valley, which he commissioned as the family mansion on a hill that provided an unprecedented view of the Valley and the Ranch. Today, it serves as a preserved historical location, and is also a major events place for many people in the Littleton area.

  • Ken Caryl Valley mountains

These unique geological features are an iconic part of the Valley’s natural and geological history. Some of the noteworthy locations are Tincup Mountain, The Hogback, and the Foothills.

Ken Caryl Valley Homes

Ken Caryl Valley homes for sale are interspersed with wide ranges that occupy much of the Jefferson County Open Space. Many of these  luxury Denver homes are of the custom contemporary style, although a select few follow older period appearances. Homes range in price from $1,100,000 up.

  • Country-style
  • Custom contemporary
  • Clay brick residential

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