Morrison City Homes for Sale

Morrison Luxury Homes for Sale


A blend of lush and modernity is one way to describe the characteristic of the homes available in Morrison. It is a historic home rule municipality in Jefferson and small as it may be, the town is known for its rich history, both social and natural. The 2000 census pegs the population size at 430 individuals. It is also situated 9 minutes away from Heritage West.

With the rich grandeur that it has to offer, Morrison is the destination of home seekers who desire to live in a place that’s imbued with the elements of nature, modern aesthetics, and deep history.


Morrison was founded by immigrant stonecutter George Morrison after he moved to the Mt. Vernon area in 1859. He was instrumental in establishing the town and toll house at Mt. Vernon which became a key stopover point for people from Denver going into the mines on the Rockies.

After becoming an American citizen in 1862, he moved to Bear Creek where he found a stone milling company. He founded the town of Mt. Morrison in 1874. This town would later be the Morrison of today. Many of the stone buildings that Morrison built back then still stand today, a testament to his skill as a builder and stone cutter. The town would officially be incorporated in 1906.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Aside from its reputation as a historical location, Morrison also plays host to other attractions, like restaurants, water rafting sections, a racing speedway, and event spots. Schools and other public utilities are available in nearby locations.

 The Museum holds glimpses of Morrison’s past, from its inception, to its incorporation, to recent discoveries and developments. Details about fossils and finds from nearby Dinosaur Ridge can also be viewed here.

This outdoor theater is the center of many of Morrison’s social events. Concerts, plays, musicals, and other social events can be held here.

Morrison Homes

Morrison’s houses are set up in large individual lots, with plenty of open space for expansion. Many of these homes are modern in style, although occasional bungalows and townhouses can be seen. Prices vary from $200,000 to $1,650,000, with many good deals situated on hills with perfect views.

  • Bungalows
  • Private townhouses
  • Post-modern style
  • Custom contemporary

Deeply rooted in history and brimming with homes with high end designs, Morrison is the place for those who are looking forward to settle down and even for those who are just getting started. Get in touch with Matt Metcalf now to learn more about Denver luxury homes for sale.