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North Capitol Hill, also known as Uptown, is described as one of Denver’s most stylish neighborhoods with various shops, affordable restaurants and lively annual events. It is bounded by Downing Street on the east, 20th Avenue on the north, Park Avenue on the northeast, Broadway on the west ad Colfax Avenue on the south. The neighborhood has a big population like Capitol Hill and Five Points. It is also located 9 minutes away from Lower Highlands.

Uptown History

Uptown came about as a result of the continued expansion of the City of Denver in the mid-1850s. Before the 20th Century up until the Great Depression, most of Uptown’s residents were well-off families who could afford to build large mansions in the area. By the 1930s, Uptown has become the home of a large variety of people from many different social, economic, and racial backgrounds. Today, the area is undergoing large-scale gentrification as new sets of land development get underway.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Uptown has established itself as a hip and trendy location with its assortment of restaurants, bars, bistros and cafés. Learning institutions, hospitals and first care centers, and key transportation hubs are located nearby.

  • City Park

City Park has been dubbed ‘Uptown’s largest green space’ thanks to its high concentration of trees and other natural fauna. It is the home of Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It is located in the Uptown neighborhood. It is a perfect place for bonding with your family or friends. The Denver Zoo is just a few minutes away from the City Park. Another destination in the community is the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Avenue Theater is the go-to place for people looking to have a night filled with laughter. Besides hosting comedy shows and theater productions, Avenue Theater also acts as the home of famous comedy group Chicken Lips Entertainment.

Food lovers will definitely love Restaurant Row. It is a connecting road in 17th Avenue from Broadway to City Park that offers cafes, taco bars, fine dining eateries, bistros and clubs.

Uptown Luxury Homes

The recent gentrification efforts across Uptown have turned up many new and prospective luxury Denver homes for purchasing. These upscale Denver properties range between post-modern single-detached bungalows and mid- and high-rise apartments and townhouses, Victorian and Classic architectural designs. The community also has modern apartments and condominiums built along tree-lined boulevards that occupy Denver’s oldest residential neighborhood. Uptown community is definitely the most appropriate place to stay for people who love different outdoor parties and events. They are priced anywhere between $360,000 and $1,600,000, depending on location.

  • Victorian style
  • Custom contemporary
  • Post-modern
  • Detached bungalows
  • High-rise apartments

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