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Willow Springs

Willow Springs is a private community nestled within a hilly part of southern Jefferson County. The neighborhood shares much of its land with its sister community Willowbrook. Both subdivisions are in close proximity of US Route 285 and the E-470. It is also just 5 minutes away from Morrison community.

Willing Sptings History

Home development first started in the Willow Creek-Willowbrook area started around 1962, through the efforts of ranch owner Stan Harwood. The first homes would be completed within the 1970s. By 1996, Willow Springs and Willowbrook combined had around 11 individual homeowner associations.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Willow Springs has its own private hiking trails, pool, a children’s playground, a community stable, and a private lake. Several schools and shopping districts are also nearby.

Once known by the same name as the community, Red Rocks Golf and Country Club provides residents with a world-class, members-only golfing experience right in the heart of the community.


  • Lindo Park

This mountain range provides residents with great spots to commune with nature. The peak also has an excellent view of the Rockies and the Denver city skyline.

Willow Springs Homes

There are more than 900 homes currently standing across the 11 neighborhoods of Willow Springs and nearby Willowbrook. These Denver special properties follow a variety of designs, with some having a post-modern appearance while others follow more classical appearances. These can cost around $850,000 and above.

  • Clay and brick style
  • Post-modern style
  • Georgian style
  • Classic contemporary style

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