Denver is truly a great place for families to create memories and bond together. Aside from staying and relaxing at the confines of your Denver homes, kids along with their parents can also go out and enjoy the city. And since Denver has rich culture and social scene, your children will have fun and learn at the same time! Here are 10 of the many activities kids can enjoy in Denver!


#1 Explore the Children’s Museum of Denver

Located at the Marsico Campus, the Children’s Museum of Denver features kid-powered learning in their premises. They want children to explore, create, and learn on their own terms. Kids will definitely have fun exploring the exhibits which are hands-on and interactive. Joy Park allows children to go on an action-packed adventure including zip lining, Village of Healthy Smiles teaches children to take care of their beautiful teeth, and the Art Studio lets children explore their artistic nature.


#2 See the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is one place children should not miss. This establishment do not just provide a fun and wholesome experience for kids and their parents, they also commit themselves to providing animal care and securing a better world for animals. Children can go see different kinds of mammals like the Amur Leopard and the Red Kangaroo, or reptiles such as the Komodo dragon and the Blue Poison Arrow Frog. Denver Zoo also hosts various activities that will surely catch the attention of your children.


#3 Enjoy the Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

Elitch Gardens has both a theme park and a water park which means your kids will never run out of things to do! At the theme park, older kids can enjoy rides like the Sea Dragon, Boomerang, and the Dragonwing. While younger kids can enjoy rides like Blazin’ Buckaroo and Jumping Jack. At the water park on the other hand, families can enjoy rides like Castaway Creek and Splashdown. Elitch Gardens is definitely a great place for kids to enjoy.


#4 Visit the Rocky Mountain National Park

Visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park will let the kids get in touch with nature and awaken their sense of adventure. With 415 square miles encompassing spectacular mountain environments, kids can go hike and trek, see various wildlife on the mountain, camp out in the wilderness, and enjoy being one with the nature.


#5 Explore the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Kids can explore dinosaur fossils and space at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This museum aims to ignite people’s passion for nature and science, and so, kids will surely have fun in this place. Dinosaur fossils and presentations can be seen in the Prehistoric Journey, Egyptian history and culture can be learned in the Egyptian Mummies exhibit, and the universe can be explored in the Space Odyssey. All of these exhibits will surely entrance your children!


#6 See the Denver Art Museum

Children’s creative thinking and expression can spark at the Denver Art Museum. With various art exhibitions like the Stampede and Past the Tangled Present, and multiple art collections from the different parts of the world in different eras, kids will definitely have a transformative experience with art.


#7 Enjoy and Relax at the City Park

The City Park, which is located at the heart of the city, is a great place for enjoying a Saturday afternoon, or just relaxing under the skies. Families can go on a picnic here and children can go play at the playgrounds. They can also play various sports here as the City Park has tennis courts, baseball, football, and soccer fields. There are also biking and jogging paths perfect for those who want to exercise in the early morning. All in all, this is a place where families can bond and enjoy.


#8 Visit the Downtown Aquarium

Kids can go visit the Downtown Aquarium and see different aquatic exhibits. A trip to this wonderful place can be both fun and educational as kids can view different aquatic creatures and learn all about their different habitats. There are also fun rides at the Downtown Aquarium such as the Aquarium Express and the Aquatic Carousel. Their 4-D Theater also provides an immersive movie experience for children.


#9 Learn at the Tattered Cover Book Store

Kids who have an affinity for reading will surely have fun at the Tattered Cover Book Store. It is a large bookstore and café furnished with comfortable sofas and overstuffed chairs for readers. They sell new and used books which gives people more buying options. This bookstore is also known for hosting various events every year, including guest authors, illustrators, and other public figures. You never know, your kid’s favorite author may stop by here!


#10 Enjoy at the Boondocks Food & Fun

Boondocks Food & Fun offers various attractions and great food for kids who want an adventure. Kids can play bowling, laser tag, arcade, mini golf, Go-Karts, and ropes course! They also offer different food that your kids will like when they finally get tired and hungry after all the activities. Your kids will surely have fun at an all-around entertainment place like this.


There are a lot more activities here in Denver in which your kids can enjoy! If you are already a resident, or someone who is looking for a Denver luxury home, these activities will definitely be good for you and your kids!