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Backcountry is an exclusive private and gated neighborhood located within Highlands Ranch in Douglas County. Just 8 minutes away from Highwoods, this suburban community can be found twelve miles south of Denver. Backcountry has about 1,100 acres of land area, 400 acres of which is allotted for luxury homes. The remaining land area is natural open space which can be privately enjoyed by the residents.

Backcountry History

Backcountry was ‘created’ in 1988 when several communities in the Douglas County area decided to turn a large piece of forested land into a protected area, preserving its natural beauty for generations to come. Since the agreement took effect, home development in the area has been limited, and with the exception of some key amenities, most of the facilities needed by residents are accessed through neighboring communities.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

True to its name, Backcountry is home to a wide untouched part of nature, around 700 acres worth of grassland, forest, and natural habitat that all residents can enjoy. In addition, there are some key local amenities that support the community, like water facilities, small parks, and the like.

  • South Rim

South Rim covers much of Backcountry’s land area. This large nature preserve boasts years of untouched tranquil beauty, where residents can enjoy a trek out in the wilderness right at their own backyard.

Sundial House acts as the community’s main clubhouse, located in a key area of the neighborhood. It hosts several amenities that the families can enjoy.

  • Discovery Center

This is the information center at the entry of Backcountry. It provides information on the community’s history, vital components, and the like.

Backcountry residents do not just own luxury homes, they also have the benefits of wide open spaces and great views that many of the properties offer. From many parts of Backcountry, homeowners will be able to experience the panoramic views of Backcountry Wilderness Area, Pikes Peak, Downtown Denver, Mount Evans, or the snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the West.

Backcountry Luxury Homes

Backcountry is one of the youngest communities in Douglas County. As such, many of its luxury properties are custom or semi-custom modern designs. Homes in the area are sparse and spaced out, with large front lots and plenty of space between properties, granting privacy for homeowners. It is the perfect place to move in for those seeking to get closer to nature while still maintaining easy access to everything that the City of Denver has to offer.

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