Denver residents have plenty of choices to enjoy the city from spending an ideal nightlife in Denver to attending various art exhibits and festivals. However, if the idea of becoming closer to nature is what made you buy Denver million-dollar real estate and move into the city, then it is only right for you to actually live it. Fishing, kayaking, boating, hiking, cycling, skiing and more—the diverse natural landscape of Colorado permits outdoor enthusiasts to experience and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, and that includes off-road riding in more than 100 available OHV or off-highway vehicle trails in the state.


For those who are looking for an outdoor fun away from the city parks, pavements and posh Denver homes, here is a list of best Colorado OHV trails, specifically for ATVs and dirt bikes.


Cinnamon Pass

The 19.5-mile Cinnamon Pass belongs to the historic Alpine Loop Trail and is one of Colorado’s most scenic off-road drives. It is also one of the highest mountain roads in the state with an elevation of 12,640 feet above sea level.


Engineer Pass

The Engineer Pass combined with the Cinnamon Pass is what constitutes the famous Alpine Loop Trail. Similar to the Cinnamon Pass, the Engineer Pass is also one of the most scenic off-road drives and highest mountain passes in Colorado.


Argentine Pass

The 13,207 feet Argentine Pass crosses the Continental Divide in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado. It passes through remote areas which can make 4-wheel riding extremely dangerous.


Bangs Canyon

The Bangs Canyon Trail System, with its main 4×4 road trail road Billings Trail winding through the Colorado National Monument, is a challenging trail even to experienced off-road drivers. It is extremely rocky with plenty of large boulders to cross.


Bocco Mountain

Home to 18 miles of single-track trails for dirt bikes and other non-motorized recreation, the Bocco Mountain located near Wolcott offers fantastic scenery and challenging terrain. It also has double-track trails for jeeps and other OHVs.


Bonanza OHV

Just north of the town of Villa Grove, Bonanza OHV is an OHV or Off-Highway Vehicle riding area with rich history of the old Colorado mining operations and the surrounding towns that supported it.


Bunce School Road

Site of the impressive Ironclads and the T-33 plane wreckage, the Bunce School Road provides plenty of different routes that are mostly easy for off-road drivers with few moderate spots.


Cannibal Plateau

The scenic single-track and ATV route Cannibal Plateau stretches for 1.6 miles long and begins at 11,065 feet altitude. It is located within the Gunnison National Forest and east of Lake City.


Lizard Head Pass

Suitable for all drivers and vehicle types, the Lizard Head Pass near Telluride stands above 10,000 feet and provides great views of the San Juan Mountains in the Uncompahgre National Forest.


Captain Jack’s Trail

The three-mile Captain Jacks Trail in Colorado Springs feature winding and rolling terrain leading into the Pike National Forest for dirt bike riders. It has a lot of loose gravel, banked turned, and crazy mogul like jumps.


Central City (Saint Mary’s Network)

Just north of Idaho Springs, Central City or Saint Mary’s Network is a large system of Colorado trails that offers amazing high-mountain access. It rolls past alpine lakes and circle a glacier.


Grand Mesa Trails

Into the east of Grand Junction and stretching into the Grand Mesa National Forest, the Grand Mesa Trails has an extensive collection of trails rated mostly moderate because of the dense forests, lakes, and meadows within its area.


Red Feather Lakes

The Red Feather Lakes in Larimer County is suitable for beginners and to more advanced riders. It has more than 100 miles of double-track ATV trails and seven miles of single-track trails exclusive for motorcycles.



Located between Eagle and Gypsum, Hardscrabble provides a mix of ATV and single-track trails that wind up into the mountains with an elevation of more than 3,000 feet. Majority of its trails are easy, but it also has some challenging areas.


State Forest State Park

Along with being Colorado’s moose-viewing capital, the State Forest State Park near Walden also offers a 60-mile network of trails for OHVs, including the Diamond Peaks Trail and North Sands Hills Recreation Area.


Wagon Wheel Trail System

The Wagon Wheel Trail System in Rio Blanco Country was created in order to provide increased recreational opportunities through OHV experiences. It currently has 250 miles of trails and features 16 interconnecting loops ranging from expert to beginner.


Taylor Park Trail System

The Taylor Park Trail System in Gunnison National Park has 40 trails for dirt bikers of all skill levels. It also has other areas for other OHVs as well as single-track trails perfect for motorcycles.


North Divide Trail System

Regularly frequented by off-road drivers, the North Divide Trail System near Colorado Springs offers both single-track and ATV trails. It is also nearby Rainbow Falls which is also a popular riding destination.


Those are just the 18 best ATV trails in Colorado along with few great Colorado dirt bike trails. With more than 100 available off-road trails, you are sure to never run out of places to experience off-road adventure in Colorado! Make the most out of your outdoor Colorado experience by travelling through its rugged roads.