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Bow Mar is a small town located Southwest of Denver, straddling Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties. It is just 6 minutes away from Willow Springs. Bow Mar is part of the southern portion of the Denver Metro area, with around 900 residents living in single-detached homes as of the latest census. The entire town occupies only 1 square mile of developed land. It is a serene and spacious luxury neighborhood with unique qualities in a great location. Bow Mar is a great luxury community in Metro Denver that provides quiet and family-friendly luxury homes. The residents in this town value privacy and the essence of freedom as a small municipality.

Bow Mar History

Around the late 19th Century, the Bow Mar area was set aside as an agricultural development, with most of the land occupied by farms. The first permanent homes would not be built until around the 1940s and 1950s. The town would later be incorporated into the City of Denver in 1958 as a Statutory Town occupying lands from both Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties. Developments in the area continue to this day, either following the prairie-style architecture famous during the town’s formative years, or introducing more contemporary designs.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

The luxury residents in Bow Mar are privileged with year-round social events, a private recreational lake, sports facilities, walking trails, and other amenities offered by nearby communities like downtown Littleton. It is also just 16 minutes away from Belmar Shopping Center. Bow Mar has also grown into a popular club-like community with hundreds of Denver real estate on large lots as big as one acre or more. Thanks to its position in between two counties, Bow Mar enjoys the facilities and amenities of both areas.

  • Bow Mar Beach and Yacht Club

 This small lake is one of Bow Mar’s main areas of entertainment. The lake’s beach has played host to a number of social events and concerts in the town, while the nearby Yacht Club allows resident-members to take time and enjoy a ride on the lake.

  • Bow Mar recreational facilities

The town has other privately-owned recreational facilities aside from the private lake. These facilities include walking trails, courts, and many other entertainment facilities that residents can access.

Bow Mar Luxury Homes

Bow Mar consists of around 300 single-family luxury homes with typical lots sizes of one acre. Most of Bow Mar luxury homes have contemporary design and some are located on or with views one of two lakes around the town. These properties are contemporary in design. They are mostly custom-built, straight to the specifications needed by their owners. Many of these houses occupy land areas that are close to an acre, which means that they have a lot of space for redevelopment. They are also close to sought-after Littleton schools. Many Bow Mar luxury homes are custom-built or large scale remodels. The prices of Bow Mar Denver luxury real estate properties range from $500,000 to over $3,000,000.

If you want to live in a peaceful haven that is situated near the city, Bow Mar is the perfect place for you! We can help you choose which Bow Mar Denver luxury real estate will suit your lifestyle and needs. Contact Matt Metcalf now and enjoy the perks of living in a unique and very involved small community.