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Highlands Ranch is a master-planned community that covers 22,000 acres of land. Founded in 1981, this community is positioned 12 miles south of Denver in Douglas County. As of 2014, the community of Highlands Ranch has a total population of around 101,100 people and total households of about 35,846, making it one of the most populous CDPs across the entire United States. The average household income in Highlands Ranch is approximately $139,859. The most common occupations of the residents in this community include computer specialists, sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing jobs, management occupations, top executives and engineers. Highlands Ranch offers a master HOA that all residents pay into for use of one of the four recreation centers and many park facilities. There are miles of trails and open space with many homes backing to open space with beautiful views of the mountains.

Highlands Ranch History

Highlands Ranch was originally designated a part of Louisiana in 1682 by explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, who claimed the area for France. The Spanish took the area in 1763, returning it to France several years later, in 1801. The area became a part of lands obtained during the Louisiana Purchase two years later.

The first western explorers who actually set foot in the area came in around 1820, and eventually settlement in the area grew. By 1859, new settlers were coming in rapidly, but it wasn’t until 1870, when a stable water supply for the area became available, that any permanent settlement would be made.

Much of Highlands Ranch would remain as farmlands for most of the 19th 20th Centuries, despite the Colorado Gold Rush bringing in more people from out-of-town. For most of the 20th Century, its ownership would change hands between businessmen and ranch owners, before the Mission Viejo Company purchased the land in 1978, rapidly developing it into a major suburb. Over the decades, the area’s population would boom, and new business opportunities brought in more residents, eventually culminating in the affluent Highland Ranch of today.

Amenities and Famous Landmarks

Highlands Ranch is well within the proximity of a large number of learning institutions and shopping centers that are nearly just a walk away from home. Recreational facilities and other vital amenities are equally within range as well. This community offers numerous opportunities for an active lifestyle. In fact, Highlands Ranch has received several national recognitions from different organizations such as Forbes and Business Week. It is awarded as one of the top places to raise kids and to move in the nation. It features numerous shopping destinations, trails, parks and open space systems with a hockey rink, tennis courts, ball fields, a historic area, gardens and an equestrian area. Visit www.hrcaonline.org to get more information.

  • Highlands Ranch Mansion

Highlands Ranch Mansion, also known to many as Castle Isabel, is a unique structural wonder located right in the middle of the community. The home is known for its long life, being one of the first homes to be built after 1894. It is now a tourist attraction managed by the local community association.

  • Douglas County Libraries

The County Libraries first opened its branch in the area back in 1991. Since then it has become a major community resource center for both Denver history and general education and knowledge.

Highlands Ranch belongs to the Douglas County School District NO. RE-1. There are 22 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, and 6 high schools in Highlands Ranch. Aside from these, there are also alternative educational offerings such as charter schools, early childhood programs and special education schools within the area.

Highlands Ranch Luxury Homes

The average price of the Denver upscale homes in this community is around $574,582. The Highlands Ranch Colorado homes for sale that Simply Denver offers vary from contemporary French custom homes, Classic European-style stone and stucco home, Terracina Custom Homes, Ranch-Style, to name a few. The average rental price in this area is about $1,967. Highlands Ranch luxury homes can be found in neighborhoods like Westwoods, Backcountry and Highlands Ranch Golf Club.

  • French custom homes
  • Classic European-style stone and stucco homes
  • Terracina Custom homes
  • Ranch-style residences

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