May it be a million-dollar property or half-a-million-dollar home, a luxury home in Denver deserves a posh living room. Being the heart of the home, the living room serves a lot of purpose. It is where the family often gather as a whole and the first room the guests see upon entering.

Designing a luxury home living room might demand a lot of effort. Homeowners would want to show their personality through decorations without compromising comfort. Even so, designing can be quite fun.

Whether you are planning to renovate, have just moved in, or are still in the planning stages of buying one of the homes for sale in Denver, here are some tips in designing your luxury home living room.

Less is more

Less is More - Mile High Home Pro

While it is important to maximize the space of the room, be careful not to crowd it with furniture and unnecessary objects. Provide enough room between each furniture and appliance so people could easily move around.

It is also better to choose up to three themes only when thinking of the living room’s overall design. Having too much going on with the design can make your living room look messy and less sophisticated.

Carefully choose a color palette

Choose a Color Palette - Mile High Home Pro

Different colors evoke different kinds of emotions and moods. Carefully choose the color palette you want for your living room by doing research on colors’ impact.

Although it is important to choose fitting colors, how you want your living room to look is also important, so consider incorporating a color that matches your lifestyle.

Put in natural elements

Natural Elements - Mile High Home Pro

Putting in natural and organic elements like indoor plants, vases with flowers, or driftwood tables in your living room can help add a homey feel and humble down the overall atmosphere of a luxury home.

Organic elements do not need to dominate the entire room—they just need to be in spots where they can brighten the area.

Mix different textures

Metal, glass, wood, silk, or leather—pick items of different textures for your living room. You may try to mix and match which pieces can go together. Polyester sofas suit a living room with clear floor. Meanwhile, a textured wall might be perfect with your carved wood furniture.

Using items of different textures helps create more dynamics in a living room.

Give space for art

Give Space for Art - Mile High Home Pro

A luxury home surely needs some space for displaying art. You can hang a large, framed painting or a set of multiple artworks on the wall. It will create a focal point in your living room and will surely be the first thing your guest will notice upon entering.

Choose an artwork that will stand-out in your living room but do not stray too far away from your chosen color palette, style, or theme.

Be creative with fabric

Fabric Creativity - Mile High Home Pro

Pillowcases, chair covers, curtains, carpets, rugs—fabric can be everywhere in your living room. It is the easiest décor to change and update from time to time among all the elements of your living room. This also gives opportunity for homeowners to be creative with various types of fabric material and color.

Creativity with your fabrics can improve the coziness and homey feel of your living room.

Pick timeless furniture

Timeless Furniture - Mile High Home Pro

A bad fit of a furniture in your living room can break the overall design. Although the final decision is still up to you, it is recommended to choose a furniture that suits any style. This way, there is no need to buy new furniture every time you decided to change your living room theme or style.

Check safety

 Check Safety - Mile High Home Pro

Reconsider displaying fragile art pieces or decorations if you still have kids that might knock them off the table. Better yet, place such items in high places or inside cabinets with glass covers.

Always keep in mind how the overall atmosphere of your living room can affect your growing child.

Designing your luxury home living room might demand a lot of work, but just remember that it is all for creating an inviting space fit for a luxury home that your family and guests can enjoy. Emphasize or enhance the luxury of your luxury homes in Denver by following the design tips above.



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