Looking back on the year so far, many things have popped up throughout Denver’s luxury real estate market. The see-saw movement in prices and sales contrasted with more optimistic reports of a more stable mortgaging image throughout the area. All in all, things have remained stable for the local real estate scene for most of the year, and experts are hoping that it will remain as such with 2016 winding down.

The year may be winding down, but that does not mean that the pace for the city’s home markets will grind to a halt. Perhaps a few out-of-towners are looking to cash in on a new or resale home on the downturn, or are looking for real estate prospects in the coming year. Whatever the case, Denver has a few choice locations in the heart of its urban center that are sure to entice any home buyer.

On Top at Capitol Hill

Brown’s Bluff started life as a donated piece of land aimed to be the home of the capitol building for Colorado’s new capital, Denver. For most of the 1870s, it stood untouched and undisturbed, much to the chagrin of its original owner who took advantage of the call for donations to make a long-term investment in the budding city. Finally, around 1886, the first foundations were laid down for the capitol, but only after the new city had expanded from the west, taking new communities with it.

Today, Capitol Hill lives up to its pedigree as the seat of Denver’s urban and commercial progress. Historically, it became the home of the city’s elite, with politicians, business magnates, local entertainers and many other prominent people calling the area home. Over the years, the neighborhood has become an excellent and well-preserved historical spot, and a bustling residential and commercial center. Prospective residents can enjoy the various cafés, bars, parks, and points of historical interests throughout the area.

Living it Up at Washington Park

Perhaps the prospective buyer is not in the market for a historical district with a lot of activity and foot traffic. The prospective home buyer might be looking for a neighborhood centered on a large and spacious park, filled with miles of walking and biking trails, as well as an assortment of lush greenery. Despite being in a relatively detached part of town, the prospective buyer may be looking for a neighborhood that is not too far from larger urban centers should the need arise.

These are the kind of criteria that fit in well with the unique community of Washington Park. A South Central Denver community with a thing for the suburban, the place stands out as a great choice for those looking for a home surrounded by towering trees and not-too-congested subdivisions. Wash Park, as the locals call it, is an excellent spot for outdoors-type people thanks to its similarly-named community park. Apart from the usual neighborhood trappings like restaurants and night spots, Wash Park is home to Mayan Theatre, one of the last buildings in the country built in the Mayan Revival style, a good spot to visit for any new homeowner.

Dipping in at Sloan’s Lake

Wash Park is a good spot for people who want a weekend walk or bike ride through the shrubbery, or are just generally in the mood for enjoying the shades of the trees. Other prospective buyers may be more water-oriented when it comes to the kind of home that they’re looking for. Perhaps they would like to wake up and look over the shimmering waters of a majestic lake in the middle of a major urban development.

Property owners may find Sloan’s Lake as an excellent location to invest in a new property. The diverse housing scene in the area is one of its main selling points, with bungalows, post-modern estates and a few condominiums on the rise. The eponymous lake is home to a variety of wildlife, including mallards, pelicans, native muskrats, and the occasional Canada geese. The lake is also home to the annual Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, a major cultural event that celebrates the state’s Asian-American heritage, and is also a major sporting event for boating enthusiasts.

Denver is an ever-growing city with a lot of excellent communities to explore and call home. Take the time to see each and every neighborhood, and prepare for the surprises that await the prospective new mover.