Denver has always been the focusing point of development within the state. It is home to major commercial establishments, high-rises with excellent views of the surrounding area, and a large variety of residential areas that cater to various kinds of prospective homeowners. It’s a bustling city with more big things happening almost every day.

There are some people who don’t really like the hustle and bustle of the big city, however. While they like the opportunities provided by the commercial and business centers in the area, they aren’t too keen on buying a home in the heart of Denver itself. If living within the city isn’t viable, owning a home in the nearby suburbs could be a good choice. Some prospective homeowners find property in Highlands Ranch to be a viable choice.

Location, Location, Location

Highlands Ranch is located just 12 miles south of the heart of Denver, accessible through major highways like Interstate 25 and Santa Fe Drive. It sits right on the edge of the city, separated from the city proper by other residential centers like Englewood and Littleton, yet not so far away to be much of an inconvenience to travelers. Many of its residential areas sit on elevations with excellent features.

The ideal location for this community makes it one of the finest choices for people seeking a suburban area to settle down in without having to be that far away from all the action of Denver’s city centers. The topography is also excellent, with several locations sitting on foothills that overlook the rest of Highlands Ranch and noted for the favorable weather. It is the perfect place to live if the prospective home owner is not too keen on the busy city life.

Growth in Suburbia

There are those prospective home owners that prefer life in a suburban neighborhood while being close to the city, but not necessarily needing the city center as a primary source of income. They prefer to go to Denver for its leisure spots, but would rather stay in the suburbs for other purposes. These purposes can either be for work or for education.

Highlands Ranch does not disappoint in both aspects. There are a lot of schooling options to choose from, with public and private educational centers scattered all across the community, covering everything from pre-school, to elementary, middle and high school. On the economic side of things, Highlands Ranch’s business sector is continuously growing, with new investments coming in regularly. Advertising and media outlets, financial firms, retail, food, and leisure are just some of the establishments currently up for business in this quaint suburban location.

Nature and Culture

Highland Ranch is right at home with nature thanks to its location in between the city edges and the natural slopes of the foothills overlooking Denver. For starters, the local tourism council offers maps for various nature trails and walks that visitors and locals can enjoy. People can go on foot, take a trip through the trails on a mountain bike, or rent out a horse for a ride through the slopes. There are also spots for camping, wildlife spotting and the like.

Culture and history are well-preserved in this suburban community. The local Cultural Affairs Association oversees the cultural needs of the locals, organizing artistic, musical, dance, and cultural exchange events with relevant parties. The Highlands Ranch Historical Society is also heavily involved with the neighborhood, keeping the symbols of the town’s historical past alive with awareness campaigns and hosted events. They also handle part of the maintenance of the historically significant Highlands Ranch Mansion, an architectural wonder noted for its unique design.

There are many other reasons why living in the Highlands Ranch is the ultimate suburban living experience. With its continuous and progressive growth, excellence spots for new opportunities and unparalleled location, it is sure to be a hit for those who want to experience being at the heart of Colorado’s luxury property expansion. Check out Highlands Ranch and find out why it is a community many people call home.