For a Denver homeowner, a new year means another chance to spruce up the residence. A change of curtains here, a switch of furniture there. Perhaps it is time to get rid of the wall decorations and fix the roof tiles that are due for an overhaul. There are so many possibilities to liven up your modern Denver home this 2018!


If you’re still on the hunt for new pieces to spice up your home for the New Year, look no further. Here’s a list of furniture styles that might entice you as you switch up your home’s image. Whether you’re a shrewd minimalist or a creature of comfort, there’s definitely a style waiting for your home this 2018.


Industrially Aesthetic

To some people, welcoming the New Year means saying goodbye to the excess baggage of the year that was. That usually means tossing out or selling away various items in the home, which can include old pieces of furniture.


If you’re the type who enjoys the extra space, you’d be hard-pressed to buy fixtures that suit your taste. Many side tables, desks, and shelves tend to be bulky and take up a good deal of elbow room, which can be a no-no for people who prefer less clutter at home. If so, why not go for industrial vintage-style pieces? This interior style emphasizes minimal fuss and maximum functionality, trading vibrancy for a straightforward look. While it may look Spartan to some, the rather eclectic mix of rails and unpainted wooden boards have their own unique appeal.


A Touch of Comfort

The hustle and bustle of modern life never stops, even in the New Year. As such, people will continuously look for ways to lay back and relax after a hard day’s work.


For many, that means investing in soft-filled sofas and corner chairs where one can just dose off and enjoy some precious rack time. For this year, however, you can take it a step further by adding in more cushions, woolen implements, and tufted pads. The extra cushioning will have you feeling like sleeping on a cloud. These enticingly soft additions can make any comfy chair sitting an extremely relaxing experience that you’ll never want to get out off.


Keeping It Simple with Shapes

Straightforward, no-nonsense approach to furniture styles will make a big splash this year. However, there will be people who’d prefer staying away from the industrial aesthetic as far as simplicity is concerned.


If this is how you plan to redecorate your home, then sticking to simple geometric designs is the style for you. Clean and elegant curves and lines for chairs and tables give off a polished yet homely feel. For minimalist types, geometric-style interiors can be a good alternative to the rather subdued aesthetic of the industrial-eclectic approach mentioned earlier.


Old School Cool

While welcoming a new year means a fresh start on things, it’s never too early to take the chance for a retrospective. Now may be a good time to bring back old trends and styles that appealed to you growing up, or designs that were big ages ago but are barely mentioned these days.


Today is a good day to look at classical furniture and fixtures that add a vintage touch to your home. Whether it’s 60s-era studio home-style couches or the Victorian porch pieces, there’s definitely something going for your classic approach. You can go look through your neighborhood garage sale and be surprised to discover classic pieces that are hidden in plain sight. Another growing trend is giving a touch of modernity to these classic pieces, like providing LED lighting for retro-style tripod light stands.


Gliterrin’ Light Gold

As mentioned earlier, metal furnishings and accents will be a good style to see this year. They are, however, not limited to the minimalist and simplistic styles; there are also other types of metal finishes that are fit for those who prefer a more extravagant approach to redecorating.


Gold has always been a go-to metal for ornaments and décors, thanks to being a durable and malleable metal that’s easy to keep shiny. While many stand by the deep yellow hue of pure gold, others would prefer the brighter sheen of lighter gold finishes, especially those who want to give their reception areas and dining rooms a grander appearance. With the right balance of light gold-accented furniture in your home, you can brighten up any plain room and give them a high-class and regal atmosphere.


Workshop Special

Sometimes, livening up your home’s appearance takes more than just buying from presets. Sometimes, it takes more of a personal touch to give your home a new feel, like in the form of custom-made furniture.


You can look to workshops that offer making furniture, décor, and fixtures that fit your personal specifications. These custom-made furniture follow even the minutest details of your requests, resulting in furniture that is uniquely you. Some shops even offer an ‘unfinished’ variation, which results in natural looking chairs, sofas, and tables that blend in well with their environment. Of course, these kinds of furniture will come at a cost, so think it over before investing in made-to-order pieces.


Warming Up

Colors have been an important part of furniture for the longest time. Certain color palettes can evoke a certain mood for whatever room they are in, which can make even a nearly-empty guest room more vibrant.


For the New Year, try to pick up furniture pieces that come in warmer color palettes like sienna, terracotta, and brighter shades of green. These earthly colors are easy on the eye, a welcome to refuge from the urban rush or the long hours of work. These changed color palettes for furniture with other items mentioned above give an entirely new look for your home.


There’s just so many options to go for if you want to shake up your modern Denver home’s furniture this 2018. We hope these ideas will help you make your own residences a bit brighter. From us here at the Mile High Home Pro, we wish you all a Happy New Year!