Denver is a bustling city with a lot of prime choices when it comes to real estate. With its abundance of key residential, commercial and industrial hotspots, the city has everything for everyone. There is never a dull spot in this city, be it in the busy streets of Capitol Hill, the master-planned lawns of Washington Park, the suburban comfort of Falcon Hills or the rolling hills of The Ravenna.

As far as top-class living in the heart of the city is concerned, Downtown Denver real estate is still one of the finest choices. It is one of the city’s first and oldest districts, keeping in touch with its history through beautifully preserved architecture standing side by side with new developments. Downtown has a lot of great things to offer to any newcomer interested in living here.

Bustling Educational Scene

Downtown Denver Education

One of the first concerns some movers may have before they invest in a new home is the presence of schools within close proximity of the property they’re planning to buy. It’s a top priority especially for growing families that have children that have entered or will enter school age soon. Nothing makes life more difficult than having to trudge hours just to get to the closest school to the home, especially if nearby educational institutions are concerned.

It will please wary parents to know that Downtown has one of the busiest educational scenes in the entire city. There are over 42,000 students in various public educational systems throughout this part of town, as well as 13,000 private school students attending specialist schools and general education campuses. With elementary schools, Montessori-type educational institutions, middle and high schools, colleges and universities, and specialty vocational campuses, there is bound to be an educational opportunity for any new mover.

Business is Booming

Businesses within Downtown Denver

A city block worthy of its reputation would oftentimes have a segment filled with shops of various styles and designs. This segment would usually set the block apart from the rest around it, with its specialties catering to a widely varying clientele. It is these business districts that have been notable parts of headliner cities like New York and London.

Downtown aims to stay abreast with these top-level cities, with its very own commercial hotspot. The Downtown Central Business District holds so much of the area’s history, with many of the pioneering families setting up shop here during the city’s earlier years. Today, the district has made a name for itself with its strong commercial showing and bustling business scene. Aside from all these, the district also hosts some of the finest dining, art, and entertainment spots that Downtown residents enjoy, all within walking distance—a perfect spot to enjoy a night on the town.

Enticing Real Estate

Downtown Denver viewed from outside town

Denver has been noted as one of the fastest-recovering urban centers throughout the US after the fallout of the bubble burst of the mid-2000s. The strong showing of its rapidly-expanding real estate scene is the result of a steady recovery brought about by increased demand for new properties, the influx of new businesses and investments, and the flow of new people coming in from outside Denver to cash in on the growth. Everyone wanted a piece of the growth pie, and it has led to a more bustling property market.

That image of rapid growth is easily mirrored in Downtown’s rapid rebound. Once hit hard by the bubble burst with many of its prominent businesses shutting down, it is now one of the faster growing centers within the city as far as the real estate scene is concerned. The location is keeping up with the continuing trend of valuating property prices within Denver, an indicator of the bustling home market. Prospective home owners here can expect a vibrant property market with several top options to choose from in different prices.

The City of Denver is keeping up its hype and attracting new faces every day, with Downtown being one of its premium real estate hotspots. Top educational choices, a vibrant night life at the business district and some of the finest homes this side of the city await. Take the time to explore, and see what more Downtown Denver has to offer.