The outdoor features of a luxury home is like the front cover of a book. It reflects the rest of the house and the lifestyle of the homeowner.

5. Decks/Patios

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Usually, decks or patios are built to enlarge the living space in a home. They also allow the circulation of air and natural light to come in. The decks and patios of luxury homes are long and spacious. Some are even 85 feet long. A deck or patio area can be used as a private sanctuary, study area, a place for relaxation and more. They can also be completed and decorated with sofas, pillows, tables, folding chairs, plants, etc.

Decks are often times strategically placed overlooking a spectacular view.

Here are some examples:

A balcony overlooking the metro area.

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Photo by Joey Liu –

A deck in front of the vast ocean.

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Frank Shirley Architects

 A deck overlooking the mountain and the forest. (Denver)

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4. Outdoor Pools 

A pool is considered to be a sign of luxury. In fact, some people invest too much on their luxury pools. (See: $2M dollar pool) Luxury pools come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. They may also come with variety of add-ons such as spas, diving boards, fountains, basketball rings, and more.

Here are some of the pools that you could find in luxury homes situated in Denver:

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Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

3. Outdoor Kitchens

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Barbecue and pool parties are quite popular in the United States and Denver – especially during summer. Some homeowners do not like the idea of going in a public place just to bond with their family. They want to swim, bond and eat with their loved ones without feeling restricted in any way. This is also the reason why outdoor kitchens have become popular. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can have unlimited food choices. You can cook any type of dish you like. Luxury outdoor kitchens also give homeowners the privilege to eat without going inside their house (I.e. You can play cards or board games while eating). You could fully furnish a luxury outdoor kitchen with stainless steel appliances, multi-purpose grills, weatherproof cabinets, wood-burning stoves, and fireplaces.


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Listed below are some design ideas for your outdoor luxury kitchen:

An Outdoor Kitchen with Bar-side grill’s backdrop.

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A stunning outdoor kitchen beside a fire pit.

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(McClellan Architects)

An outdoor kitchen in a center stage.

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2. Private Gardens 

The garden is where homeowners usually relax and re-organize their thoughts. Some have more personal gardens, in a way they reflect the personality of the homeowner. There are number of ways you can personalize your own garden. You can add chairs, pillows, customized tables and swings for relaxation. Bushes can also be trimmed according to your favorite shapes and don’t forget to include your favorite types and colors of flower.

Here are some of the most unique private gardens:

French inspired garden in Houston

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Victorian-era inspired Romantic Garden

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Rooftop Garden in Chelsea

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1. Additional Outdoor Features

These are features that require pre-requisites before they can be added. (I.e. sizeable yard, lake in front of the property, etc.)
Here are two examples of an additional luxury outdoor feature:

Outdoor Courts

Milehighhomepro Small 12Fishing Docks

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These outdoor features may not be an integral part of a Denver home, but they can set your property apart from the others. They could also increase the value of your residence.