A luxury recreation room is a part of a home that is made for entertainment purposes. It is usually located in an extra room, a basement or a converted garage. Here are some luxury recreation room ideas that you can use as an inspiration:

1.  Gym

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Elegant Gym with Exercise Pool
Milehighomepro Home Living Photo 15
Modern Home Gym
Milehighomepro Home Living Photo 7
Traditional Home Gym


A home gym is usually owned by luxury homeowners who value health and fitness. Having a home gym allows you to exercise and work out at any time of the day. It allows you to adjust your workout routines according to your lifestyle and schedule. (Source: Decoist) A home gym usually has fitness tools, cardio and weight lifting equipment, machines, benches, racks and gym accessories.


2.  Music Room/Recording Studio

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Classic recording studio
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Modern recording studio
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Music Room with Performance Stage


Music rooms and home recording studios are becoming a trend in luxury homes. This type of recreation room is ideal for luxury homeowners who are into music. A music room provides a comfortable place where you can explore and enhance your musical creativity and skills. In addition, it allows you to store all your music awards and collection, instruments and other music-related equipment. Some music rooms with large spaces are designed to become a venue for recitals and performances. Moreover, large luxury home recording studios usually have advanced control rooms and soundproof recording booths.


3.  Home Theater

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Star Wars-Inspired Home Theater


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Star Trek-Inspired Home Theater
Milehighomepro Home Living Photo 5
Batman-Inspired Home Theater (Image source: Gizmodo)


If you are fond of watching movies, a home theater is the perfect recreation room for you. Having a home theater can give luxury homeowners a private and exceptional multimedia entertainment experience. You can watch movies as much as you want without any interruptions.

Most luxury home theaters contain comfortable seating, a widescreen display with great image quality and excellent sound equipment. Other luxury home theaters are inspired by famous movies like Star Wars, Star Trek and Batman. (Source: Gizmodo)


4.    Game Room

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Image Source: Wiiu Forums
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Image source: Home Stratosphere
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Image Source: Decoist


Game rooms are perfect for all ages, from kids to adults. (Source: HGTV) Game rooms can also be a place to bond with your family and friends. The design of a game room usually depends on the preference of the luxury homeowner. Some game rooms are solely made for children. They may contain children’s toys, playground accessories, entertainment gadgets, and sports materials like board games.  On the other hand, other game rooms are intended for young adults and grown-ups. This design of game rooms includes a bowling alley, pool and cards table, arcade games and bar.


5.  Indoor Sports Facilities

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Image Source: Home Design Lover
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Image Source: Reckless Bliss
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Image Source: Houzz


Luxury homes with large lots have several indoor sports facilities such as hockey rinks, mini golf, squash, tennis soccer and courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton. These indoor sports facilities allow homeowners to play their favorite sport within their own home. Some luxury homeowners add indoor sports facilities because they want to have a safe place to practice the sport they prefer. Others simply want to help their children become athletically-inclined. (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

All in all, the main purpose of recreation rooms is to allow homeowners to relax, have fun and spend some quality time with their family members, friends and loved ones, without leaving their home.


There are luxury homes in Denver that are fitted with these exceptional recreation room. Call a Denver real estate agent now for assistance.