With the variety of Denver modern homes options to choose from, some prospective homebuyers may still be in the market for a change of pace in the property that they want to own. Now may be a good time to invest in luxury townhouses offered in Denver and see what comforts and features they can offer. Considering the current trend of real estate in this city, luxury townhouses have become one of the main properties of choice for newcomers to the market.

Fitting the Bill

In a competitive real estate market like Denver’s, one is sure to be swamped with a large variety of excellent homes to choose from. Single-family residences situated on spacious lots, high-rise condo units with excellent views of the surrounding mountainsides or the city center down below, and secluded upscale suburban escapes close to high-end golf courses and nature parks are just some of the myriad housing options one can choose from in Denver. However, many of these properties are not exactly up the alley of many first-time buyers, in some cases due to financing issues.

For those looking for a compromise between the comfort, quality and functionality of higher-end luxury real estate, townhouses are the perfect fit, and all that comes without doing a number on funds. Townhouses have grown in popularity as a mid-level option for many buyers thanks to their comfortable price ranges. These particular pieces of luxury real estate boasts a number of the features that higher-end condo units can provide, as well as some form of exclusivity that are typical of suburban neighborhoods, while still coming in at a price range that fits the budget of a starting homeowner.

Maintenance Woes no More

One of the main selling points for most detached family properties is the spacious yardage provided for the prospective homeowner. There’s plenty of open space either up front or right up in the back for the homeowner to do whatever he or she wishes to, like spruce up, decorate, put in outdoor furniture, and the like. However, this can come at increased maintenance, which may include pruning shrubs and trees, mowing lawns, cleaning up on fallen leaves that cover the front yard or the back pool, and so on. It can get frustrating for some, especially if extra bills are involved.

Those planning to shift to owning a townhouse will be happy to know that maintenance will not be as much of an issue, both effort-wise and money-wise. Sure, townhouses may not have much in terms of frontage, but whatever they have will not be much of an issue that homeowners will fret over. There are homeowner association fees regarding such issues, but they are not as pricey as if they were used for detached properties.

Neighborhood Watch

Surprising for the Denver real estate market, not a lot of people are fans of townhouses; townhouses are not really notable for privacy, and people tend to focus on that. Much like condo units, townhouses are mostly shared living spaces with enough space for individual tenants to call their own, but the units are still pretty close together that people may run into each other in the halls to get to the laundry. Prospective homeowners may not appreciate a slight reduction in privacy with these kinds of luxury properties.

Nonetheless, having these kinds of situations for townhouses do have their benefits. As mentioned in the previous section, townhouses have homeowners’ associations that can help alleviate some of the maintenance costs for the home, for a small fee. In addition to the help to the home care, homeowners’ associations also provide a sort of impromptu first-response when a tenant falls into an accident. This is especially advantageous for property owners living on their own, either because they’re just starting up or because they’re in the area temporarily.

Townhouses offer a lot of benefits and features that most prospective home buyers can want with their new property, often combining the good points of various properties without exacting a higher price. They could provide the best living experience for the prospective homeowner, but only if they know which luxury townhouse fits their need. Check in with a local real estate expert before committing to buying a townhouse.

Luxury Townhouses Up For Grabs (Updated as of November 22, 2016)


3106 EAST 17TH AVENUE, DENVER, CO 80206 – $1,325,000

3106 East 17th Avenue

552 MILWAUKEE STREET, DENVER, CO 80206 – $1,199,999

552 Milwaukee Street

119 JACKSON STREET, DENVER, CO 80206 – $1,130,000

119 Jackson Avenue