There is no shortage of modern real estate options in Denver these days. Urbanites can take up the posh living spaces in the various high-rise condominiums scattered in the heart of the city. Home buyers looking for suburban comforts close to the city can take their pick from numerous gated residential options within Denver’s streets and right on the edge of town. Rural types can choose to invest in several neighborhoods situated among the sweeping hills around the city which offer a neat balance of detached rural lifestyle and quick accessibility to urban comforts.

With the large variety of properties to go on about, it can be hard to decide which communities to invest in. Each neighborhood has their own charm which can attract potential home owners, from easy accessibility to excellent local amenities. Maybe now would be a good time to invest a golf community like the top-of-the-line development of Ravenna.

Hillside Escapade

Ravenna is an exclusive residential development located on the outskirts of Denver, sitting along and beside many of the hills overlooking the city. First made available for occupancy in 2007 and 2008, it is now considered one of the more prestigious luxury communities within the Denver area, thanks to its continued development and excellent amenities. There are currently over 150 distinct home sites within this unique neighborhood.

This exceptional development is quite the hillside sight. Many of its homes are located along the sweeping slopes overlooking not only Denver but also Lakewood and Littleton. Its excellent topography puts it in the comfort zone for residential living, a welcome plus for prospective residents and homeowners. The homes themselves stand out among the hillsides, offering a unique view for outside observers.

Taking a Swing

One of the main selling points for this gorgeous community would be its golf course. The specially-designed Club at Ravenna boasts championship-level greens and holes that sit side-by-side with casual fairways for the weekend golfer. The various tees are separated depending on skill level and location, with residents getting the choice of which fairway to play in.

Aside from the usual trappings of the exclusive community golf course, Ravenna sits right at home with its natural surroundings which offers locals with an alternative set of physical activities. The community is located close to Pike National Forest and Deer Creek Canyon Park, two heavily-forested county parks that provide various options for nature activities. Locals can enjoy biking, hiking, trekking, camping, and animal-spotting in these grassy locations, a perfect getaway for city-weary folks.

Old World Architecture

The main component of Ravenna will always be its community segment. As stated earlier, the neighborhood is a limited residential development with only 150 home sites currently active. These homes are distributed in various locations like valley spots, hillsides, and the sought-after golf frontage types. With a potential maximum lot area of one acre per home, there is plenty of room for inward growth.

Ravenna boasts a unique, European-inspired architecture not only for its residences but for most of its other amenities, including its clubhouse. The Italian-style real estate design blends well with the hillside location of the neighborhood, rendering it as a unique location that stands out among the various residences in this part of the Denver area.

Ravenna is just one of a number of high-end exclusive Denver residential neighborhoods that Denver has to offer the prospective property owner. Explore the other unique residences and golf communities within the area. When in doubt, never hesitate to get in touch with a trusted local real estate firm before investing in a new property.