There is a high demand for luxury condominiums because of their high-end amenities, huge outdoor and indoor spaces and their prestigious locations. Here are 5 reasons why luxury condominiums are in such high demand:

1. Space

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Most luxury condominiums are spacious. They usually have wide balconies that feature the stunning views of the city.

2. Privacy

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Security is a big factor for luxury condominiums. They usually have various security facilities to protect the residents. They have 24/7 security guards, cameras and video surveillance, locked exterior doors, locked access to community facilities, well-lit parking areas, hallways and common areas, and community watch programs. (Source:

3. Amenities and Services

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Luxury condominiums have high end amenities and they also offer certain services. Here are some of them:
  • Parking

Luxury condominiums have convenient, spacious and secured parking spaces. These parking spaces are either underneath the structure(s) or adjacent to each building. (Source:
  • Lobby and concierge

One of the best amenities of luxury homes is a huge lobby with comfortable couches along with the 24/7 concierge services.
  • Fitness Center

Luxury condominiums have fitness centers complete with gym equipment. This area is perfect for home owners who are into fitness and who are living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Indoor bar

    Indoor bars are also common to luxury condominiums. This is perfect for residents who love to socialize and who are used to unwinding on a regular basis.

4. Features

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There are different condominium styles: low rise, mid rise and high rise. Luxury condominiums are considered high-rise as they have multi-floor plans that consist several rooms.

5. Maintenance

Luxury condominiums are perfect for the luxury home buyer who wants to travel or owns more than one home. The building exterior maintenance is taken care of by the HOA and management company so you can just lock and leave. No lawns to mow, no exterior painting and no concerns for security.

Where can you find Luxury condominiums in Denver?

  • Cherry Creek is home to a multi-million dollar penthouse located at 250 Columbine Street.
  • A $5.25M luxury penthouse is up for sale in 25 Downing Street.
  • Another one lies in East 17th Avenue which is currently priced at $4.9M.

Luxury condominiums can cater to a private, comfortable and prestigious living. Do you also want to live luxuriously? Contact a local real estate agent for inquiries regarding Denver Luxury real estate.